New Town Killers (2008) – with guest writer & reviewer Matt Deitchley of

Sean MacDonald is a poor lad trying to get by in the slums of Edinburgh. His mum drank herself to death. His best friend is a regular Handy Manny, but not like the loveable illegal alien from the Disney cartoon, more like the kind who makes a living giving handies to pervy middle-aged guys named Manny in the park at midnight. And his sister is a party girl who loves to spend that cheddar. Unfortunately she doesn’t love paying back the thousands she borrowed from the local loan shark, and now she’s in deep.  Speaking of being “in deep”, she also just found out she’s preggo. What a skeeze.

Good thing Alistair is around (Dougray Scott). This no-nonsense, wealthy banker conveniently shows up and promises to give Sean the cash his sister needs to avoid becoming the loan shark’s bitch — but only if Sean plays a game. And we’re not talking Ants in the Pants. If Sean can hide from Alistair and his lackey Jamie for the next 12 hours, he’s in the money. If they find him, the game is over. But what happens at “game over”?

Sean soon discovers this is no game when Alistair elevates the cat-and-mouse chase to serious, building-jumping, sidewalk head-stomping and hobo-shooting levels. Can Sean survive the night? Will his best friend sell him out in between backseat blow jibbers? Will Alistair’s homicidal psychosis leave a trail of bodies behind? And what the hell is Jamie’s part in all of this? If you can make it through the night you’ll find out.

Alex’s Thoughts: Not too sure what I think about this one.  It has a good story with solid performances throughout, but it lacks the element of danger for Sean.  You know the whole time that he isn’t going to die, so the required tension isn’t really there.  It had some good scenes and some dramatic moments, but it feels like something is missing.  I know the story required it, but damn that Sean was one dumb fuck to begin with.  It is obvious that he is bugged, but why do you keep going to the obvious places over and over.  He is not Waldo that is for sure, as his hiding skills are for shit. There were also some parts where the running/ chasing got a little repetitive and something else just needed to happen.  If you like these type of flicks, or are a rich oil tycoon and think hunting man is the greatest sport, you will enjoy this.  Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Matt’s Thoughts: I’ll admit, this movie has its share of flaws. There’s a heavy-handed “Occupy Wall Street-type” subplot about the separation of rich versus poor. Alistair’s partner Jamie is pretty clueless and his acting leaves plenty to be desired. But despite its short-comings, I think this is an enjoyable indie cat-and-mouse/psychotic killer flick. The acting by both Sean and his sister is solid, and while this could have easily slipped into an action-y, stunt crazy getaway movie (as the opening credits lead you to assume), the director kept the close calls realistic, tense and gritty. The story is slower at the beginning, but creative camera angles and snappy editing keep the pace rolling. I also like the twisty ending which reveals Alistair’s true motive… that he’s just a straight-up twisted, nut job. Plus, there’s a cool scene where Sean tricks two little girls into giving him back his gun for some “sweets” that turn out to be nicotine gum. Stupid kids. Matt Rates This Movie: 8/10

“If you don’t like what you see, you should do what the good book tells you, and pluck your fucking eyes out…”

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