Best Worst Movie (2009)

Troll 2 is a horribly made flick.  Anyone who has seen it can testify to that, but some people seem to like it.  So much so that the child ‘star’ of this movie made a documentary about it and toured the country to prove it.  The main focus of this doc is on the father from the movie, former actor and current dentist George Hardy.  No one knows that George was in this craptastic film, and he sort of comes out of the awful movie closet and embraces it.  The film follows him from screening to screening where he is treated like a huge star and worshiped by leagues of adoring Troll 2 fans.  The highlight of the screening tour is to see how good-natured George starts off being so excited by all of this, to just being bored and tired of the whole thing in a matter of weeks, going so far as to call some fans at a horror convention ‘freaks’ and walking out.  They also reunite the cast for a screening in the town where Troll 2 was made, and it is interesting to see what everyone involved with that shitfest of a movie is doing these days: the mother is certifiably mental and doesn’t leave her house, yet is still trying to break through into mainstream movies – the sister is still acting, but yet refuses to put Troll 2 on her resume for fear of losing work – the general store owner had escaped from a mental hospital and was hired for the part because he looked creepy, yet doesn’t even remember being in the movie – and the Italian director still thinks Troll 2 is a legitimate film and gets pissed that people only watch it to make fun of it.

Alex’s Thoughts:  There is no getting around the fact that Troll 2 is a total dumpster fire of a movie.  It is a film whose only redeeming quality is that it is so very bad it’s funny.  I don’t think it’s one of those ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ movies, because those directors and actors know it’s crap, but still churn out something enjoyable.  Troll 2 was supposed to be a serious horror movie, and they will tell you in this film that it failed on every front.  I’m glad that so many people enjoy it, and have a good time watching it over and over, but that’s not for me.  Troll 2 isn’t something I want to watch repeatedly in a theatre with other people, I would prefer to watch at someone’s house, so I can escape if I need to.  A lot of people in the film make Troll 2 out to be our generation’s Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Maybe it is, maybe it’s not.  Time will tell on that one.  The documentary itself was pretty enjoyable to watch, and you could tell that most of the people had fun reliving what was probably the worst time of their lives.  I also really like to see how George Hardy went from loving the fact that he was in this movie, to hating it and almost everything about it in the span of an hour and a half.  If you’ve seen Troll 2 at any point in your life, you would enjoy this.  Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts: While I enjoyed watching the poor actors be confronted with what may be the most embarrassing period of their lives, I also felt like this was trying to force you to love Troll 2, and adopt it as a cult favorite. It may or may not turn out to be timeless, but forcing it is not the way. There’s no denying the charm of this little documentary, and maybe I’m just a bit resentful of the pandering, but having been to horror conventions, there are several movies I think that deserve more attention, and have seen more support than Troll 2, also I have never seen anyone with a Nilbog shirt. This isn’t a bad film and if you love Troll 2 then it’s a must. Seeing what has become of the cast is very interesting, and kind of sad in some cases, and if you haven’t seen Troll 2 then you could watch this much better movie and skip the train wreck. Anyways not a bad documentary, but I wouldn’t say it was great. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

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