Greetings Droogies, Alex and I have a new contest idea: no trivia, no poetry, just shameless self promotion! We have a special prize that we are going to give out, in ADDITION to the guest review spot, bad news is, it’s a secret, but trust us, you guys will love it! All we ask is for you to get someone to like our Facebook Page. That would be Men On Film with Tim and Alex, and right now we have about 140 likes, the contest will run till we have 200. All you need to do is to get one of your friends to like us on FB and post a comment giving you credit. If you don’t like Facebook you can also have someone write a comment on ANY of our posts here and drop your name. For bonus entries all you need to do is subscribe to the blog (if you are already a subscriber, you already have one entry, aren’t we nice?) So go out there and spread the word, we are grateful for all the support and look forward to keeping this going for a long time. Now go out there and spread the good word!