Everyone likes to watch scary movies around Halloween, unless you’re some kind of pansy.  So here is the official Men on Film list of movies we’ve reviewed that you should be watching this spooky season:

Trick ‘R Treat – An inter-twined anthology of horror shorts.  Truly one of the best horror movies out there that you’ve probably never seen.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon – How does one become a great serial killer?  Watch this mockumentary to find out.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil – Hillbilly slasher action, well kind of, but not really.  It’s funny and extremely gory at the same time!

House of the Devil – A babysitting gig goes bad… real bad.

Fright Night – The original, and the best.  A vampire moves in next door to you, what do you do?

[Rec.] – Tennants are trapped in their apartment building by the government, due to some sort of outbreak.  Check this out for a zombie movie sure to make you jump. 

Feel like something a little lighter? Here are a few that are so bad they’re ‘good’ (but still pretty bad): Troll 2, Basket Case or The Howling 2 .