A year ago today, two young men with nothing but the early stages of gingivitis and $7 in their pocket set out to make the finest movie review blog on the internet.  We’ve failed miserably; but we’ve had some fun doing it, and hope you have enjoyed some of the stuff we have reviewed.  We have had our ups and downs as far as readership goes, and are always looking for more readers to offer their insight and movie review suggestions.  We think we’ve come a long way as far as our writing is concerned, we recently read some of the early stuff and wonder ‘what sort of ass wrote this crap’, then we remember… then we drink heavily.  So please don’t give up on us yet, and tell your friends, your pet groomer and that creepy guy downtown that argues with the fire hydrants about us, we sure would appreciate it.

After one year in business, here are some of our site stats:

Total Movie Reviews – 152 (At least 3 of those are probably well written)

Site Visits – 13,357

Reader Comments – 390 (most active are David & Michelle)

Facebook ‘Likes’ – 126

Thanks to everyone who supports us (especially our understanding wives) and our regular readers.  We hope to make some better changes in the future months and are always looking for your thoughts and ideas to make this a better place to waste several minutes of your time and several hours of ours.