Doghouse (2009) with guest reviewer David Alabaugh

Recently divorced guy Vince needs some cheering up, so a group of his best mates decide to take a holiday to the sleepy village of Moodley; where it is said that the females outnumber the males 4 to 1.  You’ll see why that is a bad thing in a minute…  Upon arrival they find the town deserted, but still manage to find their way to the local pub.  After failing to find anyone in there either, they take to the street, but encounter a staggering woman who suddenly is getting the shit beat out of her by a soldier.  The chivalrous guys end up knocking him out, only to find that the woman is going nuts and stabs one of them in the hand.  They then realize she isn’t right and proceed to run away in shrieking terror; encountering several more crazy and blood-thirsty women along to way to a safe house.  The soldier comes to and tells them that the town was the center of a biological experiment that pits women against men, but it somehow got out of control (naturally).  Trapped in a town of zombified women led by an ax wielding bride and a scissor toting barber, the group of people with the Y chromosome don’t look like they stand a chance.

Alex’s Thoughts: Despite going into this one thinking ‘another zombie movie?’, I ended up really enjoying this one.  It has a unique story line and I really enjoyed all of the different themed zombies.  There were a few subtle things that made me laugh, and overall it was a great experience.  It didn’t rely on too many zombie stereotypes and had a lot of things I saw for the first time in a zombie flick.  It got kind of stale three-quarters through the thing, but it was a good film overall.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I didn’t look up anything about this before I watched it, and I found that I really enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t hurt that it has a pretty good cast, and more of an “Evil Dead” feel to it than just a zombie movie. The goofy variations of lady monsters is pretty enjoyable, watch this expecting a few laughs and a good time will be had by all.  Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

David’s Thoughts: “AMAZING” is not a word that describes this movie at all. This movie is crap. It rips off Shawn of the Dead at every turn, but lacks everything good Shawn of the Dead had to offer. The characters are unlikable, the jokes and poor use of one-liners aren’t funny, the gore effects are typical low-budget crap, and the story is the absolute worst part. It does nothing to excite the viewer, it’s all things you’ve seen before done in a worst way. Every once in a while a movie is so shitty that it’s funny. This movie doesn’t even hit that mark. Stay away from this movie, and watch Shawn of the Dead instead…Hell, a Uwe Boll film would be betterDavid Rates This Movie  1/10. 

“Now is not the time to stop objectifing women.  You can be a new man tomorrow. Right now we need you to be the misogynistic Neanderthal asshole we know and love.”

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