The Mist (2007)

After a severe thunderstorm knocks out the neighborhood’s power, Thomas Jane and son head into town to get some supplies. On their way they see firefighters and various military personnel heading in the opposite direction. He chalks it up to just being part of a local military project called “Arrowhead”, and keeps on truckin’.  Meanwhile a dense mist is rolling in behind them, and as they get to the store it’s nearly caught up to them. As they are shopping a few soldiers come in and grab a few things; the store is packed with townies, and tensions are a bit high.  Nobody knows what’s happening, but this mist is a bit unsettling, and right about that point a bloody old man comes running into the store screaming “There’s something in the mist!” They slam the door behind him, and then everything shakes, as if a T-rex was walking outside.  As they investigate further, they discover that the mist is inhabited by creatures that seem to be out of an H.P. Lovecraft story, and they are trapped in this grocery store indefinitely. As the people split into factions, they fight over what to do, and who’s to blame. Will they survive? You gotta watch for yourself.

Alex’s Thoughts: This movie was not well recieved when it came out, and still doesn’t get the respect it deserves.  It is all kinds of great, with a well done story (Thanks to Steven King), and just the right amount of tension and scares to keep your eyes glued to the screen.  Like Tim says, the ending is something you have to see to believe and left me speechless.  No matter what you might have heard about this movie, it deserves to be watched.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: This is one of my favorite horror movies in recent memory.  Some of the CG effects aren’t great, but the tension and the setup is fantastic. This is a movie that has the balls to not pull any punches. In my opinion is has the best ending of just about any horror movie I have ever seen, and it’s amplified by the fact that the studio cut the budget nearly in half to try and stop the director from using it. I would give it a 10, but like I said some of the CG isn’t great, but considering the budget cuts, and the strength of the acting and story, I can forgive those minor flaws.    Tim Rates This Movie 9/10

“I’ll tell you what. The day I need a friend like you, I’ll just have myself a little squat and shit one out.”

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