Dead Heat (1988)

The world wanted it, and Hollywood answered: a Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams buddy cop/zombie vehicle. These 2 cops are crazy, don’t follow any rules and are willing to shoot it out with anybody, including some pseudo-zombie robbers. To follow-up on a few leads, these two renegades investigate a corporation (loosely) linked to a few of these undead criminals. For the flimsiest of reasons, a shootout occurs, and Treat ends up getting killed in a giant vacuum. Somehow they discover a machine located in this lab that can bring the dead back to life. So what would you do?  That’s right, throw your pal’s corpse on this thing and zap him back to life! Hilarity ensues, oh wait, no it doesn’t.  Anyway, so they start tracking the scientists linked to the program, zombie killers are hunting them, and all the while Treat is slowly decomposing, well not that slowly……but none of the other zombies seem to have this problem, but that’s not here nor there.  They end up with a good lead that takes them to a Chinese butcher shop, but the owner freaks out and activates his brig-the-dead back to like machine and all of the dead animals in there try to kill them.  They eventually discover that there’s a group of rich investors led by Vincent Price that want to use this Lazarus machine to help them live forever. Bad news for them, the dynamic duo has other plans, and kills everyone… including themselves?

Alex’s Thoughts:  This was my first and last viewing of Dead Heat.  There was just nothing I found remotely enjoyable about this one.  The story had a lot of potential, but nothing really happened to get me involved in anything that was going on.  All of the jokes were flat and either poorly delivered or just plain not funny.  I guess the only thing I could say I got from this movie was getting to see Vincent Price, and even though he was extremely old in this movie, he still was the best actor by far.   We will add this one to our list of movie that need to be remade.   Alex Rates This Movie 3/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I kept waiting for this to get good, and it never pays off, ever…. this has potential to be cool, but it fails. It follows a very specific formula, and you can see every bit of the plot coming from a mile away. I pushed for this to get reviewed, and I feel like I owe Alex an apology, but I am going to withhold it, because I know what we have on the list to watch, and there is something specific he has added to the queue just to make me watch it. So to our readers I say: pass, if you have never heard of this movie, sorry for bringing it up.    Tim Rates This Movie 3/10

“You remember when we were in training? They always told us, “You can’t be a good cop if you’re a dead cop.” Here’s your chance to prove them wrong.”

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