The Wizard (1989)

Since the death of little Jennifer, the Woods family has been in shambles.  It has been especially hard on her twin brother Jimmy, who has run away to try to get to California.  Jimmy is found by the fuzz and set to be placed in a home, until his brother Cory (Fred Savage) breaks him out and they head West.  Cory just wants Jimmy to be happy, so they end up at a bus station in hopes of getting to Cali.  It’s there that Cory realizes that Jimmy is silly great at video games, as does a girl they just met named Haley.   She agrees to help them hustle their way across the country for a share of the profits.  They soon discover that there is a video game contest in LA with a $50k grand prize.  As they travel, they run across the power glove wielded by the NES phenom Lucas, and are constantly being chased by a creepy man hired by Jimmy’s mom to bring him home, but also by their older brother and dad who just want them to be safe.  Things culminate at Universal Studios during the video game finals as the kids, the bounty hunter and the parents all get there in time to see Jimmy beat down Lucas in Super Mario Brother 3.  If all that Nintendo stuff was enough, his movie also features alleged child molestation as well as the dinosaur park from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, but sadly no Andy.  ANNDYYYY!?

Alex’s Thoughts:  Well, this is more like a 90-minute commercial for Nintendo than an actual movie, but that being said, it’s a decent commercial.  Having not seen this in quite a long time, the nostalgia factor at seeing some of those old games I used to play gave me the warm as fuzzies in my man parts.  It’s not a bad flick, but the focus on the NES really dates it, and that might have an adverse affect on you kids out there with your automatic transmissions and those newfangled VHS machines.  Children of the early eighties should give it another watch to remind themselves of a simpler time… when all any kid cared about was getting their hands on a cartridge of Super Mario Bros. 3!!   Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I still love and quote this movie, and yes while is really is a Nintendo commercial, it’s actually pretty well made. The child actors aren’t bad, the story moves along without dragging. From a critical point of view the only real knock is that it’s all about a video game that while fantastic, became outdated pretty quickly. The Wizard has a lot of charm, and if you ever had a Nintendo, or were just plain excited for a new game coming out this will probably work for you. If that’s not the case, or your aren’t a Fred Savage completest, then you will be okay not seeing this. Still holds up as a family movie, but nothing spectacular. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“He touched my breasts!”

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