We’ve decided to do a small theme of reviews of movies based on video games; but not some of the most recent video games, and none of those shit movies by Uwe Boll.  We’re talking about the first view movies where some fat cat thought that making a big budget flick off the success of a best-selling game was where the money was at.  It’s true that these movies brought in a ton of cash, but they weren’t always as good as they should have been, or in some cases good at all.  Every big name game franchise has a potential movie tied to it now a days, but we’re going back to the mid-nineties, in the Nintendo/Super Nintendo era, to bring you a few flicks you might have forgotten about, or made yourself forget about!  So go grab some 1-up mushrooms and we’ll go find the rest of the Triforce together. 

We’d also like to know what movies based on games you like, or would like to see made.