Super (2010)

Not many things make fry cook Frank (Rainn Wilson) happy, as his life is pretty much shit.  The only things he has going for him is the memory of the one time he pointed out a thief to a cop, and his hot wife who used to be a boozing junkie. Wait. Scratch that.  He wife just left him for a sleazy drug lord named Jock (played insanely by Kevin Bacon), so now he just has that memory thing.  After looking for a sign from God about what to do next, he sees a TV show about a superhero, then BAM; he knows what he’s got to do.  Frank goes to the comic shop to do a little research and befriends the girl behind the counter, Libby (Ellen Page).  Frank sews up a super suit and after thinking of a superhero worthy gadget, just settles on a pipe wrench; and so after a training montage, the Crimson Hood is born.  He begins to take the law into his own hands, as he lays the smack down all across town to all of those whom he thinks are breaking the law; drug dealers, molesters and line cutters all get a wrench beating to the face.

After going to try and save his wife from Jock, Frank is shot and goes to Libby for help, where she discovers his secret.  She then decides to join his crusade to clean up the streets and is reborn as Boltie.  Her sence of justice is even more out of whack than Frank’s as she nearly murders a guy for keying a car.  Frank is nearly killed by Jock’s goon, but is saved by Boltie, and they decide the time is right for an attack on Jock’s mansion (and to have some superhero themed sex).  After getting all geared up they storm the place to rescue Frank’s wife.

Alex’s Thoughts:  I wasn’t too sure what this was about before I watched it, and figured it was something similar to Kick-Ass.  Yes it is about a super hero who isn’t so super, but it has some seriously dark undertones to it.  The acting was great all around from the maniacal Kevin Bacon, the over the top laughing of Ellen Page and the completely broken Rainn Wilson.  I just can’t stop comparing him to his Dwight Schrute character, and while he was good in this movie, I don’t really care for him as a lead actor.  The movie itself was great, and I would encourage anyone to see it, whether you’re a comic book fan or not. (plus Ellen Page is super cute as Bolty and there is a Nathan Fillion cameo!)  Alex Rates This Movie 9/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I am now in love with Ellen Page, and it’s going to be difficult to do a review without talking about her the entire time, but I will try. Is is darker than Kick-Ass, and definitely stranger. James Gunn obviously has favorite actors as the cast is similar to Slither, (not that there’s anything bad about that.)  I liked Rainn Wilson a lot, I can’t think of who else could pull of the brooding loser as well he has does. Be ready for lots of unflinching violence, and surprising gore, and as shocking as those parts are, it doesn’t detract from the great ensemble, but instead reinforces what I think Gunn was trying to accomplish. He’s done some great movies, and it seems like he’s on track to continue to do so, oh yeah, and Ellen PAGE!!! Tim Rates Boltie 10/10 and This Movie 9/10

“I wonder all the time why no one ever just stood up and become a real superhero.”









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