Hobo With A Shotgun (2010)

If you weren’t aware, the concept for the movie is based on one of the fake trailers for the movie Grindhouse that was only shown in Canada. 

It’s a hobo, who has a shotgun.  What more of a description do you need?  Our hobo hero (Rutger Hauer) hops off a train and ends up in a small town that is ruled by a ruthless thug called The Drake and his two dumbass kids, Slick & Ivan.  The hobo just wants to start up a lawn care business and live out the rest of his hobo days making an honest living, but he just can’t ignore all the awful things happening around him.  He grows tired of the pimps, pedophiles and drug deals around him, so instead of this nice mower he had his eye on, he buys a shotgun.  He starts taking the law into his own filthy bean-covered hobo hands, and it draws the attention of the Drake who aims to kill that hobo.  With the help of a new hooker friend, the pair go on to take on the crime boss and some supernatural hitmen, while inspiring a town that has had no hope for a long time.

Alex’s Thoughts:  Is this movie way over the top and full of bad acting? Yeah, but so what.  It’s fun, and that is all it was ever meant to be.   It isn’t a movie for everyone, but fans of the genre should find it really enjoyable.  At times it tries a little too hard to be exploitive, and it is very Canadian, but those shortcomings are made up with some very funny scenes.  We already got Machete, now all we need is Don’t, Werewolf Nazi Women of the SS & Thanksgiving, and all will be right with the world.  Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I loved Rutger Hauer’s dedication to this part, and his refusal to acknowledge the joke. Machete, and Black Dynamite are stronger entries into the genre, but  this is still enjoyable. Lots of weird stuff randomly thrown in, bad effects, and copious amounts of blood. It’s as if every one in the movie is an over filled water balloon, and they are just waiting to pop and shoot blood Monty Python style everywhere. Fun, not great, and not epic. Tim Rates this movie 7/10

“You and me are going on a car-ride to hell… and you’re riding shotgun!”


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