The leaves are starting to fall, as is our white blood cell count (always wear a condom, kids), and with that comes Autumn and that movie gray area between the summer blockbusters and the Christmas season’s feel good movies.   For the most part this is the time of year where movies studios send their ‘talkies’ to die.   There are a few good ones coming up, and so we’ve decide to share what we’re looking forward to seeing in the theatres (assuming we can trade our food stamps for movie tickets):

Red State – Kevin Smith’s  horror flick where a group of people go on a murder spree, all in the name of Jesus.  People have been killing others in the name of Jesus for two-thousand years now; let’s see what kind of spin Silent Bob can put on it.

Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star – A boy finds out that both his parents were porn stars. He then tries to make a go of it in the family business, despite being a hideous CHUD. 

Paranormal Activity 3 – The sequel was surprisingly good, so we’re excited to see how this ghost hunter movie series will keep our buttholes clenched this time.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D  Christmas – Dammit, we try so hard not to like these movies, but we’re guys, so we gotta.  The stoners are back for more crazy adventures hopefully involving our favorite gay poon hound – NPH.

The Muppets – Oh Shiiitttt!!!!!!!!  This is something we’ve been waiting two years for.  We’re both crazy Muppet fans and love all of the movies, no matter how insane; we’d probably watch Muppet Diary of Anne Frank if they’d made it.  This will be an opening night must!  We can stand in-line and debate which is scarier – Alex’s obsession over Amy Adams? or Tim’s obsession over Lou Zealand?

Apollo 18 –  What initially looks like a Transformers 3 preview suddenly turns cool, and seems to be a movie with a lot of potential. Is limited storytelling on the rise? Time will tell, and to our 1 reader that loves Transformers: hush up, this looks way better.

Bunraku – Check out this trailer, it looks like Kung Fu Hustle meets Sin City, with a sprinkling of Kill Bill… I gotta go change my shorts…..

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil – Yeah we’ve been there done that, but we’ll do it again, now that is has an official release!!! Do yourself a favor and get on the bandwagon early for this awesome movie. Tell all your pals you discovered this, and once again, thanks to your favorite movie bloggers, you will appear to be the smartest guy in the room.

The Rum Diary – Okay this is on the list because Tim loves reading Hunter S. Thompson, and this is vaguely autobiographical. Unlike Fear and Loathing, this will rely less on tripping on acid, and more on Jack Spa-um wait Johnny Depp (sorry) returning to his role as the amoral, and slightly insane author as we follow him to Puerto Rico.

What fall movies are you looking forward to?