[Rec] 2 (2009 – Spain)

FYI- This movie begins before the final scene in [Rec].  As those inside the quarantined building are no longer responding to the calls from the police and military personal outside (because they have been killed by a bunch of zombies), a SWAT team lead by a doctor from whatever the Spanish CDC is, prepare to enter the building.  Once they get inside they discover that everything is covered in blood, but they don’t seem to be too concerned about it.  Their goal is to get to the penthouse, as the doctor believes that clues to the virus can be found there.  They proceed up to the top floor without incident, and the doctor begins to rummage through the medical and spiritual notes left behind by the previous tenant.  As you might remember from the last film, the guy who lived in the penthouse was doing experiments when something got loose and turned the building to shit.  That something was a little girl, who according to the doctor, was not infected, but possessed.  The SWAT team calls bullshit, but is attacked by a creature that ends up being stopped by a crucifix; and that doctor… he is really a priest sent to discover an antidote, but he needs the girl’s blood to do it.  They then proceed to search the building looking for the girl.

Meanwhile, a fireman and a tenant of the building sneak back in to deliver medicine to his wife, unaware of what is going on inside, and also unaware that a group of teenage misfit shitheads has followed them in as well.  The two groups meet up, after both suffering losses, and are hold up in one of the apartments.  The priest is now desperate to find the girl and captures one of the infected to learn her location.  It seems that the possessed girl is the one controlling all of the zombies and sees what they see and can communicate through them.  They get that she is still up in the penthouse and as they proceed to go up there; they find the reporter from the first film, and while she is totally freaked out, she had not turned into a blood-thirsty monster.  She reluctantly goes with them upstairs where they find some secret passages and the cause of all of this possessed zombie nonsense.

Alex’s Thoughts:  I liked [Rec] a lot and think that the sequel compliments it really well.  If you could stomach all of the shaky cam footage for 3 and a half hours it would make for a great double-feature.  I enjoyed the fact that with a simple plot expansion it completely changed the infected from zombies to some sort of demons.  The sequel wasn’t quite a s gory as the first one and didn’t have nearly as many action scenes, and instead focused more on the story; which I thought was a nice change – you can only have so many zombie attacks in the same building before it gets boring.  There were a few scenes that might make you jump and a nice twist ending, so if you enjoyed the first one, you should have no trouble enjoying this one as well.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: This sequel doesn’t miss a beat, it feels like a part of the same movie, as it transitions seamlessly into [Rec]2. The expansion of the plot is great, making it more than your average zombie movie. It’s too bad for the American version, because judging by the previews it’s going to turn into Flight of The Living Dead really quickly. It’s so hard to make a good zombie movie that isn’t just a rehash of better more original material, thankfully [Rec] doesn’t fall into this category. For fans of the genre, or just good horror movies these 2 are a must.  Tim Rates this movie: 8/10

“You told me to hold on to the blood. You didn’t tell me it was going to catch on fire!”

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