Night Shift (1982)

Poor old Chuck (Henry Winkler).  Constantly berated by his mother and fiance, his only solace is his quiet job at the morgue.  Unfortunately he is bumped to the night shift, where he meets his new care-free co-worker Billy (Michael Keaton).  Billy could give two shits about the job, and ends up running a side business using the hearses as limos,  he’s full of good money-making ideas like that.  Chuck falls for a young hooker named Belinda (Shelly Long) one day when she comes in to identify the body of her murdered pimp.  He then realize that she lives next door to him, and they become friendly; she confides in him that she and her hooker-mates really need a pimp. Chuck shares this information with Billy, and he has a great idea: this middle-aged shleppy jew mortition and a hyper-active man-child should be pimps!  They start their business up and decide to give the girls 90% of their whoring profits and find them all rich johns.  Things are going well for these hustlers until some thugs want in on their action, which pretty much scares them straight.  Chuck decides that is all for the best as he winds up with the STD infested hooker of his dreams in Belinda.

Alex’s Thoughts:  With half of the movie set in a morgue, they sure didn’t use that to their advantage; there were no jokes or scenes involving a body, which could have been funny, just seems like a missed opportunity.  The story was alright, and the acting was fair, but it just didn’t do anything for me.  There were a few flashes of brilliance from Michael Keaton that shows why he and his great comedic timing would be in some of the funniest movies of the 80’s (Gung Ho, Mr. Mom & Beetlejuice), but he just wasn’t quite there yet when he made this one.  This movie had a plot that was perfect for a comedy, but just didn’t capitalize on anything.  This movie is ripe for a re-make!  Alex Rates This Movie 5/10

Tim’s Thoughts:  There is a definite shortage of jokes in this movie, but it still works. It feels a bit dated, but Micheal Keaton is still really funny, and has so much energy he makes me tired just watching him. I agree with Alex, this is ready for a remake, and while I liked this movie, I can’t say that I would freak out on someone if they told me they never head of it. If you love anything with Micheal Keaton, then this should hold you over till you can watch Mr. Mom again, but there are better Ron Howard/Keaton movies out there.   Tim Rates This Movie 6/10

“I wash my hands and my feet of you! “

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