Peacock (2010)

John Skillpa is an unassuming bank clerk in Peacock Nebraska, and prefers to fly under the radar. He’s extremely timid, and awkward socially, but he lives a quiet life at home with his wife Emma, who does his laundry and has dinner waiting for him when he gets home. The only problem is, that John is Emma. Yep, you heard me, John IS Emma, this is no spoiler because they show you in the first 5 minutes, the problem is that the rest of the town doesn’t know that Emma exists, that is until a train derails and crashes into his back yard while “Emma” is hanging laundry. Now everyone thinks that “Emma” is John’s wife, and it becomes apparent that he’s not just a cross dressing weirdo, but actually has two personalities. Things quickly spiral out of control, as both people are trying to exert control, John wants things back as they were him working at the bank, and not talking to anyone, and Emma now being out, wants to live, and be a member of society.

Alex’s Thoughts: This is where I would usually say something funny or make fun of a movie, but I just can’t do that with this one.  this is an odd one, but at the same time such a beautiful film.  It’s just a good movie where a man tries to distance himself from the physical and mental abuse suffered at the hands of his mother.  I agree with Tim in that Cillian Murphy does a fantastic job in his double role.  It isn’t a movie you’d want to watch over and over again, but should be watched at least once.  Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts: Um, this is a strange movie, and I am not sure how I feel about it. It’s very watchable and Cillian Murphy is amazing as he battles himself constantly. The soundtrack is jarring which adds to an already heavy tone, but I felt like there was something missing. Without giving too much away, I could have done with just a bit more back story. It’s funny that I say this, because usually I am complaining due to stuff not being left to the imagination, but this time just a tiny bit more would have helped out. Don’t misread my rating, this is VERY watchable just on the strength of Cillian Murphy, who is masterful.  Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“John isn’t home right now, but I’m Emma; John’s wife.”

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