We are at our fourth straight Chicago Comic Con!  Check back here often to see what crazy adventures we’re getting into on the show floor, and back at the hotel.  Some of our past cons saw Tim being stuffed into a crib, Billy Dee Williams drunk off his ass, Alex watching Lou Ferrigno eat a stack of 7 omelets, Matt being dissed by one of the Monkeys & Kevin Nash’s wiener.  What’s in store for us this year?  Will we go on a nice candle-light dinner with Bruce Campbell?  Will Christopher Lloyd & Felicia Day be giving out free handies? Will we be able to get LeVar Burton to sing the Reading Rainbow song to us?  Who knows what epic tales await!

Here are the players: Alex & Tim (your Men on Film), Tom, Matt, Dubie (Tim’s Brother-in-law) & Rob (Tom’s identical, but somehow better looking, twin brother).

9:50 – In line with dubie for tickets outside, even in the open air the stench is noticeable. Tim cut in front of about 300 people to get into the bruce campbell line early.

12:55 – Waiting for Mr. Lloyd to empty colostomy bag. Bruce Campbell autogragh chances looking grim.

2:43 – Lunch break! I got a picture with Felicia Day, and we touched. I think we shared a moment. Matt waited in line dressed as Marty McFly for a Chris Lloyd autograph for almost 2 hours and had to leave as the line moved ten feet in that whole time, slow bastard! Lots of ‘celeb’ sightings. Will post more when I get some of these tacos in my gut! -Alex

6:53- No Bruce, but we did stand and stare from 5 feet away. He seemed very personable and we know that if we had met he would have ditched the main floor and partied with us in the lobby. The night is young and soon the zombie party will begin. Did I mention we have a bathtub full of beer? Stay tuned kiddies!

2:52am – ok, it’s been a while. The hotel we’re at had a zombie themed dance after party. While we were zombied up (keymaster from ghostbusters, marty mcfly, arther dent and shaun of the dead) some people were still in their comic con gear, which was cool. There were zombies dancing with stormtroopers, spiderman grinding the tick; it was epic. The hotel bar has closed and we are all in various stages of drunkenness. Some people in our group are not so well, and are probably in for a long day. Good night comic book nerds, see you next year!