The Orphanage (2007 – Spain)

A family moves into an old rural orphanage where the mother, Laura, once lived as a child.  Laura and her husband Carlos, along with their son Simon, plan on opening a home for special needs children.  Simon, who has always had imaginary friends, suddenly adds a few new names to his list of friends; one of whom is Tomas.  It seems that Tomas has five other friends and they play with Simon and they all get into mischief together.  They also tell Simon that he is adopted and that he had a deadly disease (which ends up being true), and when he confronts his mother about this, she is convinced that Simon has been snooping around his dad’s personal records, and she smacks the shit out of him.  Later that day they have a party for the new potential residents, but Simon is nowhere to be found, he seems to have disappeared into thin air.  After searching the home she realizes that this house has an awful secret: after she was adopted a new caretaker moved in, along with her deformed son.  The five remaining orphans accidentally killed her son, so she takes her revenge and murders all of them.  Laura is now convinced that the house has her son and goes to extremes to get him back.

Alex’s Thoughts:  The Orphanage is one of those movies that is really only good for a single viewing, but that first viewing is damn good.  It has everything a good chiller needs and has a great story and a very rewarding ending.  I don’t have anything negative to say about it, except there was a scene with fingernails, and that, along with eyeballs, are really the only things that gross me out. Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts:  Top notch storytelling seems to be a standard with Del Toro, and The Orphanage follows suit. If you like movies that rely on mood, and setting, then this will work for you. Not much in the gore department, and a great, but unconventional ending can put off most horror fans, but for me it was just right. Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

“There is nothing I won’t do to get my son back.”

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