Step right up. Step right up.  Would you like to be a guest reviewer with The Men on any film of your choosing? Well that’s simple, just figure out what movies the Haikus are refferring to and all you’re wildest dreams will come true.  We have done reviews on all of them, so just do a little searching and it will be a snap.  Email your answers to, and the person or persons with the most correct will be a winner!

#1 – Oh, Snake has a beard! / He’ll find out who’s not human./ That’s one messed up pooch.

#2 – Watch out boys, she bites./ Vagisil won’t clear that up./ The dog has been fed.

#3 – It’s possession time!/ Need some ointment for those burns?/ Your street is a tree.

#4 – She is a lesbo/ But the boys want to hit that/ Suicide pact FAIL! 

#5 – Something is leaking./ It makes all the kids creepy,/ And gives them bad skin.

#6 – Wanna go to prom?/ I like pizza and dancing,/ I’m way into chains.

 #7 – No Michael Meyers?/ Just some goddamn stupid masks?/ All of us got scammed.

 #8 – Death is a cheater/ Those robots are evil dicks/ We all love Station

 #9 – Going up or down?/ It really doesn’t matter. /He will have your soul.

 #10 – No nipples on suit./ Fighting a bird and a cat./ Where is Boy Wonder?