Rubber (2011)

The first thing you are told in this movie that there is no reason for what you are about to see… then you see it, and realize that they were 100% correct.  Robert is just your average radial steel-belted 17″ black tire… except that he is alive.  Soon after coming ‘alive’ and rolling on his own, he realizes that he likes to break things that are in his way; he starts with a water bottle, then a bug. He comes across a glass bottle that he cannot crush, so he just uses his telepathic powers to make it explode? Wait… What?  That’s right, he can destroy things with his ‘mind’. Whether it be a rabbit or a person, it doesn’t matter.  He soon discovers the ability to love, and becomes obsessed with a girl he sees on the road, after following her to a motel and killing a maid, the police are soon on his tail.  He evades capture for several days, wreaking havoc in the meantime, until the cops lure him out of a house with a dummy strapped with explosives.  That doesn’t work so a cop just goes in the house with a gun and finishes him off.  What, is it really that easy?  As quick as it ended, Robert is reincarnated into something far more sinister; and leads an army of killer tires against all who oppose him.  Did we mention that most of this is going on in front of a live audience that ends up getting killed by a turkey? We didn’t? Well that happened too!

Alex’s Thoughts: I saw the trailer for this a while back, and thought it was funny; not knowing that it was for an actual full length feature.  I still didn’t believe it was real until I pulled the movie out the Netflix sleeve, and there it was – RUBBER.  I don’t even know where or how to start to critique a movie about a killer tire.  What the hell do you compare it to?  The movie begins very strangely, and just gets weirder and weirder as it progresses.  There are a lot a scenes with the tire just rolling around the desert, which can easily be fast forwarded through; there is no dialog in these parts, just rolling and more rolling, and more rolling; actually a little too much rolling for me.  The acting was alright, but you just can’t get past the goofy concept and take anything you see on the screen as serious in any way.  The tire drinks from a puddle and then takes a shower for Pete’s sake!!!  I just didn’t ‘get it’, but I don’t think there was anything to get anyway.  Alex Rates This Movie 6/10

Tim’s Thoughts:I am with Alex, it’s too strange to turn off, but not really anything else. It’s watchable, well made, and at times down right hilarious. But then you are reminded that it’s strange just for the sake of being strange. Also as Alex said, it’s a bit too long, the joke gets a bit strained after a while. Not that the story should have been contained to the two minute trailer, but there’s only so much “art” in a tire rolling up and down the road for an hour. If you like weird stuff, then check this out, you may get more out of this than us. I need other people to see this so we can find out if it’s just me or if this movie is just bizarre.  Tim Rates This Movie 6/10

“We wouldn’t even have to be doing this if you’d have just eaten the damn turkey.”


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