Welcome back to the electric circus that is Men on Film.  It’s August already?  That means for the majority of our readers it’s time to go back to school to learn, back to school to work or back to school to sit across the street from the playground in your car with binoculars and watch the kids.  You know you’re not supposed to be with in 300 yards of a school, right pedo?  But we digress.  Although the views have been slowing down around here, we are not; we have a slightly better than average month in store for all of you with the following exciting content:

– A review of what very well might be the worst movie ever – A brand new ‘win a review’ contest – Lots of reader recommended reviews & FREE DOUGHNUTS! (by ‘free’ we mean that you give them to us.  We’re not buying you anything.  What? You think we’re made of money?)

So stay tuned, sit back and enjoy!