That’s right, we said TV.  There are times when we need to take a break from watching some of these awful movies, and sometimes that means watching a really good TV show on the old Beta Max or on Netflix.  Here a few, that if you’ve never watched, you should try:

Party Down (Starz 2009-2010) – This comedy follows a group of either failed or washed-up actors working as caterers in LA.  The stories typically follow the budding relationship of Adam Scott (Parks & Recreation) & Lizzy Caplan (True Blood), as the group work all types of events; from pyramid scams to porno award shows and orgies.  The group is made up of some great characters and also stars Jane Lynch and Megan Mullally as well as a guest star in just about every episode (the Steve Guttenberg one is great!).

Spaced (BBC 1999-2001) – Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz) has recently been dumped by his live-in girlfriend and needs a place to stay, as does struggling writer Jessica Hynes.  They rent a flat under the guise that they are a married couple, as the crazy landlord doesn’t approve of co-ed housing.  The building is full of crazy personalities, and their friends are equally insane – see Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead) as a former soldier who still thinks he is in the military.  This show has some typical dry English humor but is also full of great pop culture references.

Deadwood (HBO 2004-2006) – Life in a late 1800’s gold town was tough, and this show doesn’t pull any punches.  At times this can be an incredibly violent and disturbing show, but sometimes it is very kind, honest and even funny.  The show centers around the town’s sheriff (Timothy Olyphant) and the owner of a local saloon/ whorehouse (Ian McShane), as well as the other residents, and what hardships they must go through as the town grows and new people come into the community seeking their fortune.

Twin Peaks (ABC 1990-1991) – In this David Lynch mindfuck of a show, a FBI agent (Kyle MacLachlan) travels to the small town of Twin Peaks, WA to investigate the murder of a young woman.  After a very brief time in town, it appears that everyone is a suspect.  As Agent Cooper dives deeper into the stories of the town, he himself gets wrapped up in all of the strange goings-on there.

The IT Crowd (BBC 2006-Current) – A comedy series that centers on the work of a three-person IT department within a large London company.  The staff is made up of belligerent Irishman Roy, totally nerdy Moss and their supervisor Jen, who knows nothing about computers and lied her way into the position.  If you like Big Bang Theory you’ll love this, as it is heavy on the geek and nerd sub-culture.

Firefly (FOX 2002) – If you are one of the few people who haven’t seen this yet, please do. You will not be disappointed as you follow the adventures of Capt. Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and his misfit crew is this space-western.  This show had so much potential, and so many people love it even though only 11 episodes were ever aired.

Arrested Development (FOX 2003-2006) – This might be the funniest television show ever made. Period.  The comedy centers around the Bluthe family and all of their zany antics as they try to keep the family patriarch out of prison while keeping their real-estate business afloat.  So many great references and scenes; it will have you laughing throughout every episode.

What former TV shows do you still love to watch?  Leave us a comment and let us know.