Dear loyal reader, we appreciated your patience while we took some much-needed time off; the penicillin is doing wonders for our little ‘problem’.    We will have our first post-vacation movie review up tomorrow (it’s a ‘cool’ one), and you might notice some small format changes: the review will be somewhat more condensed and we have eliminated a few things.  All-in-all we think it makes for a better post and will help you read it a bit faster so you can be on your merry way and read some good blogs.  So stayed tuned for that.  We also now have a permanent once-a-month guest reviewer, the always insightful Mr. David Alabaugh will be joining the Men on Film duo to provide his thoughts every so often. (Welcome to the world of the media elite, David) Now, who wants to look at the slides from our awesome trip to Amish country?

While we were gone we revieved our 10,000th page view!  Thanks everyone for reading, we hope we’ve made at least one of you pee yourselves just a little bit.  Also, we are real close to 100 ‘Likes’ on Facebook, so if you haven’t like’ed us yet, please do so; or suggest our page to a friend – they will love you for it.