Hey gang, what’s cookin’?  It’s the middle of summer and we figure everyone has other things on their plate besides reading these awesome reviews.  Either that or we really do stink as writers, because our views have gone down to about 20 a day from 50+, so something is going on.  Is it something we said?  Are you still mad we said your potato salad tasted like dog turds?  So because of this sudden dip in popularity, we are going to take two weeks off to get our shit together/ take a nap on the couch / recover from this scabies infection; and maybe when we come back you fine folks will be interested again.  What to do with this time off…?  Alex is going to go to that needle point camp he’s always wanted to, and Tim is going to try to set a new world record by watching 10 straight days of Mr. Belvedere.

In the mean time we have a back-log of well over 100 reviews for you to catch up on, so get to reading! – Alex & Tim 

We’ll see you guys in two weeks!!!!