Welcome to a new feature here at Men on Film – @ The Movies!  While it is our policy not to review brand new movies, we so seldom get a chance to watch a feature together that we decide to celebrate those rare occations by doing one of these smaller posts.  We are going to give our thoughts on these movies without going too much into the plot, although there will be some SPOILERS I’m sure.

This past weekend the Men saw  GREEN LANTERN.  Here is what we thought:

Alex – I will admit that I am not a DC fan, and other than Batman, I know little to nothing about most DC characters.  I have always wanted to get into Green Lantern, but it is just intimidating to start where there is already 40+ years of material out there; so I thought this movie would be a good start.  I wanted so badly to like it, because I really like Ryan Reynolds, but alas, I did not.  I can’t tell you specifically what I didn’t like about it, but it just left me feeling dumber after watching it.  There was just so much wrong with it, and not enough right for the casual movie goer to enjoy it.

Tim – I am a DC fan, and while this isn’t a very strong entry, it’s passable. I think they should have released Superman first, and then tied in GL. Honestly with a better director this could have been a good/not great superhero movie. It’s got its fun parts, but doesn’t really maintain scene to scene. It made enough money that there probably will be a sequel, and more importantly Alex and I both agree, that we wish DC success, mostly because we really want a Flash movie.

Tell us what you thought about this one, and what you liked or didn’t like about it.