Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

Release Date: 1/25/2002 – Rated PG-13

Starring: Steve Oedekerk

Plot Summary: This might be the hardest plot summary we’ve ever had to write, as this movie is just so unique.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s like a live action MST3K movie, but we’ll do our best.  The vast portion of this movie is footage from a 70’s kung-fu movie called The Savage Killers, where the lead actor has been digitally removed and a new hero named the Chosen One has been re-inserted.  Along with the change to the main actor, all of the dialog has been replaced with new dialog, all voiced by Oedekerk.  A few new scenes were shot for the movie, but those closely resemble the old footage, so it’s hard to tell them apart sometimes.  Anyway, here is the story:  The Chosen One has spent his whole life training in the martial arts for the one day when he is able to confront the one who killed his family; a ruthless man named Master Pain, who now goes by the name Betty.  The Chosen One joins a martial arts academy full of some crazy characters, as he waits to face The Evil Betty.   He eventually will defeat him after an encounter with a fighting cow, a lady with one boob, French aliens and with the help of his friend – toungey.

Alex’s Thoughts:  What to say? What to say?  There isn’t anything else like this out there; and that’s too bad, because this movie is great.  The dialog is just hysterical and so much of it is just random stuff, but spoken at the most inopportune times. No matter how many times I watch this, I always laugh at the same parts. I didn’t love this movie when I saw it in the theatre, but after another viewing on video learned to appreciate it for what it is: a piece of comedy genius.  From Wimp Lo’s squeaky shoes to the nut vendor to the random CGI objects just throw in for the fun of it, it’s all great.

Tim’s Thoughts:I saw this in the theater several times, and is one of my all time favorite movies. It’s so silly and insane, also it’s easy to come up with drinking games when you watch it. It’s quotable, and I will just ramble on and on. Yes it’s stupid, but I love it, and still enjoy watching it, especially if there’s some beer involved. Oh yeah, even the dog is dubbed poorly. How do you now laugh at that?

Final Thoughts:  We love this one, and think you will too.  It is a rare movie and a one-of-a-kind gem, and needs to be seen.  Open up a few beers and get ready to play “Kung Pow-er Hour”!

Alex Rates This Movie 9/10

Tim Rates This Movie 10/10

“Ok, so here were my options. (a), quickly duck left, dodge the claw and take him out with a spinning back kick, or (b), take the claw in the face, roll on the ground and die…. Hmm, should have gone with (a). ”

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