The Unhuman

Release Date: 2010 – Not Rated

Starring: Jacob & Michael Guess

Tim had the pleasure of meeting these two young filmmakers while attending the 2011 Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis, IN this spring.  The young men, from nearby Muncie, IN seemed very enthusiastic about their most recent project; which is their second film to date.  With a very meager budget of just $500 they completed a film that showcases their talents and provides film goers with a unique and sometimes humorous take on a familiar story.

Plot Summary:  While making a movie for a class project, four teen boys witness a meteor crashing to Earth.  Upon further investigation they discover that the object has cracked open, and they are strange glowing eggs inside of it.  As it is getting late, they agree to come back tomorrow to investigate and perhaps make some quick scratch with their discovery.  The return the next afternoon only to find the eggs gone, but they do find something… and old man who has been infected with an alien virus.  As the boys try to escape, it is possible that some of them may have been infected as well.  As discontent and suspicion grow among them, they are unsure as to who to trust and who isn’t quite human anymore.

Alex’s Thoughts:  It’s great to see what focused young minds can do with an extremely small budget.  When I was 15 I was content with playing basketball and the occasional under-the-shirt-but-over-the-bra boob touching.  I would have never been able to pull of something like this; and while I loved watching movie is an early teen, I was happy enough to just watch it, and couldn’t have imagined doing something like this.  Even today it would be hard enough for our little group of friends to make a movie like this, while in our early thirties with some cash behind us.  We would probably over think it, and that is just the opposite approach of this flick.  It is simple and to the point, with great throwbacks to some classic eighties sci-fi films.  While the sound and video are a bit sketchy at times, that is to be expected with what they had to work with.   I enjoyed watching it and look forward to seeing what they do next.

Tim’s Thoughts:While this movie has some obvious flaws, it’s awesome to see what a couple of young guys and their friends can do, with a tiny bit of cash and a lot of motivation. I will offer some genuine points of criticism, but I do so with the greatest respect for these guys. First and foremost the acting is not great, but again with five hundred bucks and a couple of friends, who cares. Also it was difficult to keep track of time progression, you should forgive this because it took these guys a long time to get this movie made due to illness and injuries. What I really loved about this movie is the tributes to some great horror movies of the 80’s. I was impressed with their knowledge and the choices that they made. All that being said, I hope to see more from these guys in the future, and wish them all the luck in the world.

Final Thoughts:If you have a couple of bucks, order this movie, it’s cheap and with a short running time even if you don’t love it, you won’t have to watch long. We hope to see more of these guys. Enjoy!

Alex Rates This Movie 6/10

Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

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