Dance of the Dead

Release Date: 10/15/2008 – Rated R

Plot Summary: Ah, who doesn’t love prom season?  Well the kids and townsfolk of this flick probably don’t enjoy it much anymore.  It is the day of the prom and everyone is excited, well… at least those of whom have dates.  There are a group of students who, for various reasons (too cool, too nerdy or just those without dates) are not attending prom this year.  Those students are the lucky ones, as a spill from the local power plant has turned everyone in and around the school into zombies.  The few groups of kids that didn’t make it to the dance eventually meet up with the former drill sergeant gym teacher who supplies them with weapons as they head off to blow up the school and kill all of the zombies.   Oh, and according to this movie zombies love rock music and will not hurt you if they hear it, they just sort of sway about (but would be better if they broke out into the Thriller dance), which is convenient because several of the kids are in a band.  Wish we had more to say about the plot – but there isn’t much to this movie.

Alex’s Thoughts:  Horribly slow-paced to begin with and this movie is not very good in my opinion; though it was really well received by most zombie fans out there.  It just never got me involved in the story or interested in any of the characters.  The first zombie encounter fight was alright, and the kids just ripped them about and heads and torsos were flying all around; but the next zombie fight had one zombie against five kids and wouldn’t go down.  Those inconsistencies, along with some truly bad make-up effects sort of ruined it for me.

Tim’s Thoughts: Blah, it had potential, but it never went anywhere. The make-up sucked, the laughs were few, the characters pretty much unlikeable. Inconsistent throughout, it couldn’t seem to make up it’s mind what kind of zombie movie that it wanted to be, so it ended up a being a shitty one.

Final Thoughts: This is supposed to be a horror comedy, but it is pretty obvious that it fails at both.  If you feel like you need to see every zombie film out there, you should see it.  Sam Raimi loves it!  But although Sam is our hero, this just wasn’t for us.

Alex Rates This Movie 4/10

Tim Rates This Movie 3/10

“Little lady, you’ll get the machete.”… “But I don’t know how to shoot a machete.”

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