Mother, Jugs & Speed

Release Date: 5/26/1976 – Rated R

Starring: Bill Cosby (Leonard Part 6), Harvey Keitel (Resevior Dogs)

Plot Summary:  LA has a new law: the first ambulance company on the scene is the one that gets the money to take the person to the hospital.  The boss of the sketchy F & B Ambulance Co. will stop at nothing to get that money, and enlists his best driver, Mother (Cosby) to lead his team of hopeless EMTs.  Things are going great, they are beating the competition to the scene, and if they don’t they make sure that the other company’s ambulance isn’t going anywhere; until one of the drivers falls through some rickety stairs trying to carry a fatty.  That frees up an opening for newly suspended cop (Keitel), who has been accused of selling drugs to kids, to get a job there.  After Mother’s partner is killed by a mental patient, yet another position comes open.  This one is filled by the company’s busty secretary (Raquel Welch), who has been training in secret to become an EMT.  The story follows these drivers as they meet a variety of patients, some with silly problem, and some with some very serious issues, as the film goes through many a high and low points.

Alex’s Thoughts: Another one of those movies that can’t stick to a theme.  There are some really funny one-liners from Cosby, but there are some really disturbing parts as well, including the rape of a patient as well as a few dramatic deaths.  As a whole it was alright, but probably would have been better as a straight comedy with more antics between the competing companies.  This would probably do well as a modern-day comedy re-make.  One of you hollywood types can get working on that and just give me and executive producer title.  On a side note, I just realized that I haven’t seen anything with Raquel Welch in it that was over 30 years old; she was quite the hottie in her day.

Tim’s Thoughts:I just couldn’t get a handle on this movie, it’s funny, it’s serious, it’s funny (but the jokes fall flat), it’s serious (but feels heavy-handed and forced.)  All and all Bill Cosby has some hilarious lines, but are wasted on this movie, and Harvey Keitel’s character is completely unnecessary. I may take some heat for not liking this, but I just feel like this movie is uneven, poorly coordinated, and without real direction. Bill Cosby does say “tits”, so there is that….

Final Thoughts: Call the fire department instead, it’s more reliable, and you are less likely to get raped. It has a few funny parts, but not very good overall.

Alex Rates This Movie 6/10

Tim Rates This Movie 5/10

“Well, let’s hope they don’t call you Speed for everything!”

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