25. –  Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – If you can understand the accents, then you should love this clever comedy that launched the careers of Guy Ritchie, Jason Statham, and Vinnie Jones.  Did we mention it’s a heist movie, within a heist movie, with a healthy dose of mistaken identity.

24. – Clueless – Paul Rudd shows hints of just how funny he can be, and Donald Faison and Breckin Meyer are doing wonders on Robot Chicken.

23. – Clerks – 37? In a row? Give that mouth a rest and re-watch this one.

22. – BASEketball – What other movie has Ernest Borgnine and a main character named ‘Little Bitch’.

21. – White Men Can’t Jump – Take a shot at the Sudan and win a movie review, only with a full court shot… and a hook!

20. – Hot Shots! – We can all agree than Charlie Sheen is a total nut job, but he used to be funny… like in this spoof flick with fellow Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer.

19. – Friday – Before Ice Cube was doing kids movie he still had a bit of Doughboy in him in a flick where people were getting knocked the fuck out, pooping in the bushes and just chillin’.

18. – The Big Lebowski -While the Men on Film split on this review, there is no denying the staying power of this cult classic, The Dude will forever be one of the greatest anti-heroes of all time, and don’t let a chinaman pee on your rug.

17. – Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery -Groovy Baby, the first is the best in this great spoof of not only Bond, but the entire spy Genre. So good, every time.

16. – Office Space -Two chicks at one time, and swing line staplers, just two things that make this movie so much fun. Also a bit of a sneak peak at another funny movie, Waiting.

15. – The Waterboy -Kathy Bates shows off her comedic chops, and the supporting cast is at least as funny as Adam Sandler is. 

14. – Mallrats -Maybe the best Kevin Smith movie starring Jay and Silent Bob, and we haven’t been able to eat chocolate covered pretzels since.

13. – American Pie – It’s easy to forget how funny the first installment in this franchise is, thanks to all the shitty sequels and spin-offs. But seriously, see this, you will laugh out loud, we promise.

12. – South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut – Is anything funnier than the first time you heard ‘Uncle Fucka’?

11. – Happy Gilmore -Not as funny as Billy Madison, but still pretty hilarious. Doing the bull dance, feelin’ the flow.

10. – Kingpin – Holy Crap is this funny. Bill Murray steals the show as the bad boy of bowling, and remember you can’t milk a bull.

9. – Groundhog Day – Bill Murray is always awesome and he proves it here. Bill Murray is always awesome and he proves it here, wait, did I say that already? Deja Vu….

8. – Wayne’s World – Party Time! Excellent! Wayne and Garth make that rare successful transition from SNL sketch to the big screen. This movie has so many clever jokes, many viewings are required.

7. – Half Baked – The one stoner comedy that everyone can laugh at, and the laughs are non-stop.  So call up Mr. Nice Guy, kick the guy off the couch and enjoy while you recover from your backeotomy.

6. – Tommy Boy – One of our favorite movies when we were in high school, and it still is. Tommy want wingie, Tommy likey. What kind of hotel is this?

5. – Home Alone- Say what you will, this movie is hilarious, and was so stinkin’ popular when it came out. It still holds up, give it a watch around Christmas time, you won’t regret it. Just lay off the Pepsi, Fuller.

4. – Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – Let me ass you a question, is there a funnier Jim Carrey movie?

3. – Billy Madison – Take a break from Nudie Magazine Day and watch this one again.

2. – There’s Something About Mary – This movie asks the tough questions, “How’d you get the beans above the frank?” and “Woogie?”

1. – Dumb & Dumber – To answer a question asked at #4, yes there is. Say what you will, this is one of the most quotable movies of the 90’s hands down.