Rampage (review recommended by Brandon)

Release Date: 6/1/2010 (DVD) – Rated R

Starring: Brendan Fletcher (Freddy vs Jason)

Plot Summary: Bill is kind of having a rough go of it; he has a crappy job and his parents want him to movie out of the house.  He only has one real friend, Evan, who is a political activist who is all just talk.  Bill and Evan do share one common view though – there are just too many people sucking the life out of the planet and each other.  Bill takes it upon himself to solve that problem, by going (as the title might have you belive) on a shooting rampage.  He arms himself with several sub-machine guns and dons his homemade plated armor and heads off downtown.  Bill begins his spree by sending a remote-controlled van smashing through the front of the police station, where it explodes killing most of the small town’s cops.  He then proceeds to walk around killing everyone in the streets (why these people keep running out into the street is a mystery).  He also goes into a few shops and does his murder thing, before going to a bank, robbing it, and then seemingly setting the money on fire right outside the door.  He also makes a stop at the local bingo hall, but none of the geezers take their eyes off their cards long enough to realize he is even there.  He gets some food and sits down among them, and yet no one sees him until he gets up to read some numbers.  Bill just shakes his head and walks out of there is disbelief.  His spree ends after some cops chase him into a wooded area where he is supposed to meet Evan for a paintball game.  Bill takes Evan out and puts his armor on him, framing him for the whole killing spree, and of course everyone believes this outspoken guy was capable of such acts.  Bill returns home and proceeds to pack up his belongings and the money he stole from the bank, as he actually burned fake money he printed at home, and goes off into hiding. 

Alex’s Thought’s:  When I heard there was a movie called ‘Rampage‘ and it was from one of the worst directors ever, Uwe Boll, I figured it was about the video game Rampage (which would be an awesome movie by the way, I was always the lizard!).  I understand how an actor or director might not make you interested in seeing a picture, but you should hear a name and dread having to watch it, such is the case with Uwe Boll.  The cast was largely encouraged to improvise some of the actions and dialog, which takes the director out of it, and makes for a better movie in this case.  The subject matter is touchy and the camera work is just awful – shaky the entire time, even when the subject is stationary, as well as a lot of blurry objects in the foreground, so it was far from a great movie; but I enjoyed it.  There were some funny quips during his spree and the scene in the bingo hall was perfect.

Tim’s Thoughts: This movie has worse camera work than The Blair Witch Project, and then it was on purpose. Uwe Boll has a well deserved bad reputation, and despite decent performances from the cast, his crappy directing is still apparent as this stinker plods along. I don’t know what’s worse, a shitty director trying to make social commentary, or admitting that I enjoyed parts of this movie. There are a few scenes that aren’t too bad, but not nearly enough to keep this movie together. As usual Uwe Boll continues to stink, and despite the actor’s best efforts this is a load of crap and unless you are doing a Boll marathon, stay away.

Final Thoughts: Split decision.  Alex liked the action sequences though disturbing at times and Tim has a vile hatred towards Uwe Boll.  If you are curious check it out, but if you don’t like Uwe Boll, or shitty attempts at social statements on today’s society, you can live without it.  Also, if you are opposed to seeing people getting gunned down in the streets, skip it.  If your favorite movies are Bloodrayne and Alone in the Dark you’ll love it… because you love shit.

Alex Rates This Movie 6/10

Tim Rates This Movie 3/10

“Oh, hi! Scary shit, huh?…  Here we go.”


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