We continue our quest for our top 100 comedy movies with the comedies of the 1980’s.  We’re children of the eighties, so it’s no surprise that this decade holds some of our most beloved movies.  It also probably had the most and best comedies, hence our rather lengthy list.  So so find your Simon and your Speak and Spell, because this is the 80’s, dude.

40. – Adventures in Babysitting- Nobody leaves here without singing the blues, Thor’s first movie too.

39. – The Princess Bride – We truewy wuv dis movie.  The cast is great and we really did have fun storming the castle.

38. – Parenthood- Nothing like a kid with a bucket on his head and someone mistaking a vibrator for a flashlight to make a movie great.

37. – History of the World: Part 1- It’s good to be da king, and nobody beats the Ethiopian shim-sham!

36. – Scrooged- Bill Murray Chews the scenery in this great take on Dickens.

35. – License to Drive -The Corey’s on a night out on the town and Heather Graham as Mercedes Lane was many a boy’s first crush.

34. – The ‘Burbs- Tom Hanks, Princess Leia and an ensemble cast make this crazy neighbor movie soooo much fun.  Pizza Dude!!

33. – Planes, Trains & Automobiles- Never leave a six-pack of beer on a vibrating bed. Just saying.

32. – UHF- Stoopad, You’re so Stoopad!! And be sure to get your drink from the Fire-hose in this “Weird” Al classic.

31. – Summer Rental – This movies begins with John Candy staying in the wrong summer-house, and ends with him winning a race while driving a restaurant.

30. – Fast Times at Ridgemont High – PHEOBE!!!!!  Doesn’t anyone knock anymore?  This was our coming of age movie.

29. – The Toy- Oh racism is funny, even in the 80’s. Richard Pryor deserves better… when he isn’t free-basing and setting himself on fire, of course.

28. – Uncle Buck- John Candy at his greatest, a huge pancake and a pre-Home Alone Maculy Culkin.

27. – Clue – Was it Tim in the Nudie Booth with a Hot Pocket, or Alex in the Planetarium with a Shoe Horn?

26. – The Great Outdoors – More to this movie than just lips and assholes.  It’ll having you shitting a solid gold brick!

25. – Summer School – Mark Harmon is a crappy gym teacher, who is forced to teach a group of loveable degenerates in this fun and heart-felt classic – also with extreme gore!

24. – Big- Robert Logia and Tom Hanks playing chopsticks on a giant keyboard, could you ask for more? Zoltan says no.

23. – A Christmas Story – Oh fudge, (We think he really might have actually said ‘FUCK’), this is the best Christmas movie ever, you damn Bumpuses!

22. – The Money Pit – Tom Hanks and Shelly Long invest everything they have in a nice little simple fixer-upper.

21. – Stripes- Give your girl the Aunt Jemima treatment and give this one another view. That’s a fact, Jack!

20. – Spaceballs-  Everyone should walk into work every day and yell “Assholes! I’m surrounded by Assholes!” This also applies to family reunions.

19. – The Breakfast Club – The John Hughes classic, plain and simple… now shut-up and go fix me a chicken pot pie.

18. – Fletch- Can I borrow your towel? I just hit a water buffalo.

17. – Bachelor Party – Sex acts with a donkey have never been funnier, thank God.

16. – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – A man-child’s epic quest to find his stolen bike, which may or may not be in the basement of the Alamo.  We will laugh till our dying day with the Pee Wee’s simple quote – “Andddddyyyyy!?”.

15. – Strange Brew – If you hosers had read our review, you’d already know this on one of our favorites, eh.  Now take off, you knobs.

14. – The Three Amigos – This one has a plethora of terrific one-liners and an in-famous cast.

13. – The Naked Gun- Leslie Neilson in his prime, doing what he does best as Enrico Polattzo.

12. – This is Spinal Tap- This review goes up to 11…..

11. – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure- Get in your time-traveling phone booth and see this in the theater. Also tell “Bob” Genghis Khan and Herman the Kid we said ‘hi’!

10. – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- Is there a better movie with Chicago in a supporting role? Maybe Blues Brothers, but barely.

9. – National Lampoon’s Vacation- WallyWorld! If only we knew then what we know now about Wal-Mart.

8. – Major League – Whether you play ball in the minors or in the California Penial league you and Jobu know this one is excellent.

7. – Weird Science – A couple nerds with bras on their heads make Kelly LaBrock as Robert Downey Jr. watches in dis-belief.  So what do you little maniacs want to do first?

6. – The Blues Brothers- A movie that can truly never be remade, the sequel is proof of that. And we still hate those Illinois Nazis.

5. – Airplane! -Surely you can’t be serious? 

4. – The Goonies- Jerk Alert! The truffle shuffle is all we need to say about this classic.

3. – Back to the Future- Nothing will ever be like it, maybe the greatest time-travel movie ever. EVER.

2. – Caddyshack – The most quoted movie ever, and for good reason.  True story – if you watch this 10 times in a row, upon your death bead you will receive total conciseness… which is nice.

1. – Ghostbusters- We could go on hours and hours about this, but just so you know “The flowers are still standing!”

It’s pretty easy to see some of the common names that made the 80’s so funny: Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin,  Tom ‘I Used to be the Funniest Man Alive’ Hanks and a true staple of the great 80’s comedy – Mr. John Candy (we miss you, big guy).

This could have easily been a top 100 list in its own right, and we know we left off classics like Spies Like Us, Revenge of the Nerds, Gremlins, Sixteen Candles, Raising Arizona  and Brewster’s Millions.  Let us know what other great comedies we left off the list.