All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

Release Date: 2006 (Slowly being release worldwide on DVD, not yet in US) – Rated R

Starring: Amber Heard (Zombieland)

Plot Summary: Virginal Mandy Lane is the hottest girl in her high school.  All of the other girls are jealous of her, and all the guys want to bang her.  She is pretty much ostracized because of her good looks and the fact that guys think she is a prude, so her only real friend is a nerdy boy named Emmet.  While at a party a jock asshole is trying to impress Mandy, so Emmet dares him to jump off a roof into a pool, only the asshole comes up a little short, and bumps his noggin on the cement and comes up with a small case of the deathsies.  Mandy knows Emmet put him up to that and will no longer talk to him, so now she has no friends.  A few months later things have settled down and Mandy is invited, along with a few other classmates, to a weekend-long party at remote ranch owned by the father of one the kids.  Three guys and two other girls arrive at the ranch to engage is drug use and crude sex acts as Mandy keeps to herself along with the reclusive ranch hand, Garth.  One after another the kids start to disappear, falling victim to a murderer on the loose at the ranch.  The survivors aim to escape the killer’s sights, but all is not as it seems for those still alive. 

Alex’s Thoughts:  Went into this not knowing anything about it, not even what kind of movie it was.  It ended up being a very entertaining hour and a half.  There are times it seems like just another teen slasher flick, but there is always something happening that elevates it above that average movie.  The acting isn’t especially strong, but that isn’t really required for murder fodder; they pass for whores and druggies well enough.  It’s a pretty enjoyable flick with a nice twist ending. 

Tim’s Thoughts: I wasn’t blown away, but this wasn’t too bad. I would say that if you like slasher flicks then this is a good one, and better than most of the pulp crap that is churned out. I wasn’t wowed by the ending, and the acting is OK, again, better than most.

Final Thoughts: Fans of the genre should enjoy this, so seek it 0ut. Outside of that, if you never heard of it again you will find a way to survive, we promise.

Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“I saw you kiss her… what’s she taste like?”

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