We had the idea of doing a Top 100 comedy movie list after recently seeing such a list over on collegehumor.com, which was reader generated.  As most of their readers are seemingly younger than 15 and have the attention span of a guppie, more than half of these movies were from the last 6 years or so.  We want to prove them wrong, as there are tons of great movies pre-2005.  After taking a few seconds to think about how we would come up with 100 movies, we realized that was going to be quite a feat.  We have decided to break it down by decade starting in the 1970’s.  We realize that are great comedies before that, but for the sake of sanity we are sticking with decade by decade.  Anyway, here are your funniest movies from the era of disco and leisure suits. 

10. – Meatballs – It’s like Ernest Goes to Camp, but funny because it’s supposed to be and w/o the Eggs-A-Ronius.

9. – The Bad News Bears – Didn’t everyone have a foul-mouthed sloppy drunk for a baseball coach, or was that just us and our coach Uncle Jeb?

8. – Kentucky Fried Movie – It was the ‘The Onion’ of its time; and although fried, contains no trans fats!

7. – Young Frankenstein – This might be a fun one to watch while you role in the hay. (Frau Blucher)

6. – The Life of Brian – Always look on the bright side of life, whether you’re mistaken for the son of God or not.

5. – The Muppet Movie – It’s time to put on make-up, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to get things started with the Muppet Movie tonight.

4. – Animal House – Don’t ever give up on this movie, even if the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor.

3. – Blazing Saddles – A great movie to watch while farting around the campfire and/or punching a horse in the face.

2. – The Jerk – Whether you we’re born a poor black child or not, you will enjoy this.

1. –  Montey Python and the Holy Grail – Either watch this or we will fart in your general direction, you stupid silly English Ki-niggets.  Also bring us a shrubbery.

We’re sure we left off some good ones, so let us know what your favorites for the 70’s are.  More decade by decade lists to follow!