Aaah! Zombies!! (a.k.a. Wasting Away) (Review recommended by contest winner Chris)

Release Date: 7/18/2007 – Rated R

Plot Summary:  It starts off with an old stand-by: a government truck carrying some nasty waste product loses a barrel of the sludge and it finds its way to some unsuspecting folks.  In this case, it is a group of four friends at a bowling alley.  The waste gets mixed in with some ice cream they make and BAM! they’re zombies.  Except they don’t know they’re zombies.  They go on with their evening as if everything is normal, except they notice other people acting strange.  Everyone else is moving and talking really quickly; and when an escaped soldier (who was a government guniea pig) shows up, the group in convinced that everyone else is infected, not them.  As they move through the city trying to find help, others see them for what they really are – gross lumbering monsters who need to be destroyed.  The group often has to flee from regular people trying to kill them, convinced that everyone but them is crazy.  It isn’t until later that they find out the truth – after being dismembered and shot full of holes, they are the zombies.  They decide to leave town and start their own community, but the Army has other ideas.

Alex’s Thoughts:  This one had me interested from the first time I saw it was available on instant view.  After having watched it, I have mixed feeling about it.  I really liked how the movie switched back and forth from how the zombies perceived themselves, to how the non-infected perceived them.  It was also neat how when the other people saw them, the movie turned into a classic black and white horror movie.  It just seemed like they could have done more with it.  I couldn’t tell you for sure what it was missing (since I am not all that creative and can barely function on my own), but it just left me wanting more when it was done.

Tim’s Thoughts: I was skeptical at first, but this movie won me over. I had fun watching it and really liked the different POVs. I think Alex is right in that it may have been lacking a bit, but I think the originality of the idea makes up for it. Yes it could have been done better, but the execution is not bad, and I had a good time laughing at the bar called Chinky’s. Consistently funny, and pretty solid overall.

Final Thoughts: If you’re a zombie fan you’ll like it.  It’s pretty funny and is a unique movie.  We noticed that it is on Chiller if you have that channel, but don’t have Netflix.

Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

“There’s no way I’m a zombie.  The people out there… they’re the zombies.”

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