Our first contest went so well, that we have decided to do it again.  We went a different route, and instead of movie quotes we are challenging you to figure out what movie we are vaguely describing. So good luck and remember if you win you get to do a guest review with us! So please give it a shot, and as always, thanks for reading!!!

1. So there’s this Doctor that likes to hook up party girls with Asians. They have a crappy time.

2. A party in Chinatown goes bad, so our hero opts for a redeye flight and some Indian food instead. The problem is these people party rough, and the food can give you heartburn. Does he have the stones to hang out for this wild ride?

3. An aging king has to fight evil with the help of his only friend. The only other thing we can say make sure your ass is covered.

4. You think gas is expensive now? This town is run by farts and the kids only care about going to Tomorrow-morrow land. Not the future for us!

5. The commute to this job sucks, and what’s worse is that you will end up just talking to your self for your entire shift. It’s gets scary because sometimes you answer, can you dig it?

6. Don’t send your kids to this all boys school, treachery lurks around every corner, murderers in the hallways, and ghosts in the basement.

Email your answers to timjimaberli@hotmail.com and remember, these are all movies we have reviewed. Happy hunting!!