Monsters (with guest reviewer and contest winner David!)

Release Date: 9/24/2010 – Rated R

Plot Summary:  Six years ago a NASA probe carrying genetic samples from another planet crashed in the Northern part of Mexico.  Soon creatures (who look like the spawn of Cthulhu and the bugs from Starship Troopers) were seen running around and destroying things.  In an effort to keep these things at bay, a huge wall was built along the US/ Mexico border (message!).  After a creature attacks a hotel in the southern part of the ‘infected zone’, photographer Andrew is sent by his boss to find the owner of the company’s daughter; who was hurt in the attack, and get her safely to the coast when she can board a boat back to the US.  After getting to the port, they are gouged $5k for a ticket for her to go, but hey, she’s outta there.  It’s a good thing too, because the monsters are coming that way as part of their yearly migration.  The night before she leaves, Sam and Andy go out on the town.  After getting shot down at Sam’s doorstep, Andy finds some local skank to bed down with; who promptly robs them of their passports, so now Sam can’t get on the boat.  They get involved with some human traffickers, and decide to go by land through the infected zone.  Things don’t go so well, and the rest of their party is killed, with them left to walk alone to the border.  After walking through a 300 yard opening in the wall (what’s the point of the wall if you’re going to put this huge gap in it?), they come upon the remains of a small decimated town.  That night they hide out in a gas station after calling 911 for help.  As the army is only their way, they see two of the creatures bang, then decide that they love each other. The end.

Alex’s Thoughts:  I guess based on the movie poster there would be more of a variety of alien life, and not just the one big type of creature.  I mean, this just comes down to a love story, albeit a sci-fi based one.  At its simplest form it is a story about two people put into a stressful situation who fall for each other; so it’s kind of like Speed, but with huge fucking monsters, and no Dennis Hopper, but they do ride on a bus.  It just wasn’t what I was expecting, so I was somewhat disappointed by it.

Tim’s Thoughts: I thought this movie was really well shot, and considering how cheaply the effects were done they look great. I kept waiting for something more, and never got it, but again it’s a beautiful movie, as the Mexican countryside is almost a character in itself, so I can forgive that. To be honest I can’t put my finger on what exactly this movie needed, but I think it’s a tad bit lacking.

David’s  Thoughts: I absolutely loved this movie. I have to first say that it wasn’t what I was expecting. With the movie being titled “Monsters” I was expecting more scenes with the…well, monsters. Instead I’m treated with a beautiful journey through the “Infected Zone” with two very human characters. For two actors I’ve never heard of, they do an outstanding job, and truly carry the film on their shoulders. It could be a little slow-paced for some, especially if you’re expecting a full-blown monster mayhem type movie. The actual scenes that involve the monsters, are pretty well done. I read somewhere that all the special effects were done on the directors lap-top, which makes it even more amazing to me. If you’re looking for a great character driven story, with some really fascinating scenes, and original concepts, then I would highly recommend this for a rainy day.

 Final Thoughts: Split decision here, we didn’t love it as much as guest reviewer David (who is awesome for being a contest winner and an avid reader), but I think we can agree if you aren’t expecting a crazy, wild, alien movie you will probably be fine. It does deserve attention, and probably suffers from some mis-marketing, so maybe take a look and see for yourself.

Alex Rates This Movie 5/10

Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

David Rates This Movie 9/10

“Quack! Quack! Quack!” (A homeless woman when asked if she’s seen anyone else alive)

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