Basket Case (Review recommended by reader Julia)

Release Date: 4/9/1982 – Rated R

Starring: Beverly Bonner (Frankenhooker)

Plot Summary: Duane and his brother Belial are close. Real close. Like joined at the hip close. Literally.  They were born conjoined, and although Duane appeared healthy, Belial was just a mass of tissue, claws and sharp teeth.  After being rejected by their father, the boys went to go live with their aunt; who treated them with love as if they weren’t the freaks that they were.  One night while their aunt was away, their father, along with a group of three doctors separated the twins against their will.  Duane was the one they hoped to give a normal life to;and Belial was thrown into the trash to die.  The boys have a telepathic connection, so Duane was able to save him before trash pick-up day. 

Belial wasn’t too keen on being left for dead, so with Duane’s help (mostly to just carry around the basket he lives in), he kills the local doctor who separated them.  The other two doctor’s live in NYC, so you know what that means… ROAD TRIP!  They get a room at some flop house with a ton of crazy tenants, while they go to find the other two doctors.  While casing their next victim, Duane and one of the doctor’s receptionist hit it off and plan to go on a date.  Later they night the boys come back and Belial does his thing, and boom – dead doctor.  The next day Duane goes out on his date, but tells his bother he is looking for the next doctor.  Belial is jealous, because he’s just a freak in a wicker basket and his brother is out in the big city getting his first kiss.  They find the last doctor, who is actually a vet, and do her in with a few scalpels to the face.  Later that night Duane has a sexy dream that he is getting it on with the receptionist, but it’s really twin vision, and it’s Belial that is somehow raping her to death, despite not having any genitals.  As Duane brings him back to their hotel room a fight breaks out between them as they fall out the window to their death.  Or do they?

Alex’s Thoughts:  This is an extremely odd film, and at first I was a little apprehensive because the freak brother and special effects look like complete shit.   But seeing as how this movies was made for less than what I make in a year (and that isn’t much) I guess it’s alright.  The acting isn’t too bad, and considering most of these people were probably not getting paid, any bad acting can be forgiven.  I also think Belial is pretty spry for a mass of tissue with teeth!  It’s kookie, goofy and gory… but if that’s your thing you might enjoy this one.

Tim’s Thoughts:I have always loved this movie. It’s almost too weird to be true. This is the kind of campy horror movie that is so bad it’s good. There are so many weird characters, and incidents, but it was obviously made with a love and sincerity that is missing in most bad horror flicks. I think this movie succeeds for two reasons, first of all the low-budget rawness of Basket Case just adds to the gore, and maybe some of the reality of it. And secondly they are really trying, everyone in this movie is really trying hard. From the crazy landlord, to the even crazier neighbors, I love watching all these people every time they storm onto the screen. Plus nothing beats Belial getting stolen, that dude made a poor decision.

Final Thoughts: Fun  movie, not for everybody, but if you like the bizarre then you should enjoy this.

Alex Rates This Movie: 7/10

Tim Rates This Movie: 8/10

“There’s something I’ve been dying to ask you. What’s in the basket?”

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