April is at an end, as is the Official Men on Film Sequel Appreciation Month (OMFSAM).  We reviewed some real stinkers, took some of your requests, and also watched a few good ones.  Here is a list of our personal top 10 favorite sequels:

10. – National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – Clark W. Grizwald and family are back for this hilarious holiday treat that we must watch every December… while emptying our chemical toilets into the storm drains.  What else were supposed to do?  The shitter was full.

9. – Army Of Darkness – Alright listen up, you primitive screw heads; this sequel to Evil Dead 2 finds our hero Ashley Williams taken back in time to 14th century England.  He must battle the evil brought forth from the necromonicon (again) in order to get back to his time, spinach chin.

8. – Back To The Future 2 – This movie sometimes gets a bad rap, but we don’t care. The Cubs win the world series, there’s hoverboards and is just plain fun… buttheads.

7. – Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn – (yeah this is another Evil Dead sequel) While not a true sequel, but instead a remake of the first Evil Dead, this time with tongue firmly planted in cheek. (Oh and sadly no one gets raped by a tree this time.)

6. – Aliens – Game over, man. Game over!  This is the best movie of the franchise.  A lot of potential with the alien versus predator line, but they were nothing like this.

5. – Silence Of The Lambs – Shut up, this is too a sequel!  It’s a sequel to The Manhunter, which was re-made into Red Dragon many years later.  Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re having an old friend for dinner. 

4. – Terminator 2: Judgement Day – Have you seen this boy..er movie? A breakthrough in the use if CGI and a ton of fun; also in our opinion the best movie of the series.

3. – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Check out the tapestries in this awesome addition to the franchise, Junior.  By the way, the dog was named Indiana.

2. – Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back – Spoiler Alert: Darth Vader built C-3PO!  Also a giant space slug, midgets in pig masks and Lobot!

1. – The Dark Knight – Simply perfection. Even Maggie Gyllenhall’s ugly catcher’s mit of a mug can’t ruin a movie this good, and Heath Ledger is incredible, he truly died too soon.

For every good sequel we’re sure there are dozens of awful ones.  A lot of the time film executives just want that quick buck for more blow and whores.  Finding a sequel that captures (or exceeds) the great aspects of the original is rare, so we must prise those good sequels when they come along.  We hope to do a month dedicated to prequels and remakes in the future at some point.  As always, thanks for reading The Men on Film Strike Back: Return Part 6 Revenge.