Here are the most anticipated movie sequels coming to a theatre near you in the year 2017…

– The Hobbit 2: The Legend of Smeagol’s Gold

– Throw Momma for the Hybrid Flying Car

– Tyler Perry Presents Madea’s Closed Casket Funeral

– Black Swan 2: Black to the Snatch

– 22 Fast 22 Furious

– Paul Blart: Trans-gendered Taxidermist

– Saw XXVII: Jigsaw’s Great-Grandson’s Revenge

– Re-boot Freddy Versus Re-boot Jason

– Beta-Ray Bill (the last Marvel superhero without a movie yet)

Return of the Survival, in the Land of the Diary of the  Night of the Living Dead (This time it’s at dawn, during a dance, AND in a mall)

Hop in your DeLorean or TARDIS and let us know what future sequel you’re looking forward to!!