Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Release Date: 7/19/1991 – Rated PG

Starring: Keanu Reeves (A Scanner Darkly)

Plot Summary:  Bill S. Preston, Esq. & Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan are still rocking out as Wyld Stallyns with their princess girlfriends.  With dead-end jobs, their only real chance at money is to win the San Dimas battle of the bands.  Unfortunately a guy from the future doesn’t want that to happen, so he sends evil robot versions of the guys to the past to kill the real Bill and Ted and shape the future to their master’s design.  The robot imposters succeed in their goal, as they throw Bill and Ted off a cliff to their deaths, and go on to trash their social lives and reputations.  Death comes to claim the guys, but some grade school humor allows them to escape to try to get a warning to the princesses.  After a failed attempt to possess Bill’s dad, they try to communicate to some people during a séance; mistaken for evil spirits they are banished to Hell.  While there they each experience their own personal demons, and meet up with Death yet again.  They challenge him to a contest in hopes of returning back to life.  Only after beating Death 4 times does he grant their wish: Death is such a sore loser.  Since the Grim Reaper is now their personal bitch, he is enlisted by the guys to get some help for their cause.  Death brings them to Heaven, where they meet God and are given a scientist to help them, in the form of the Martian named Station.  The boys are returned to their mortal bodies and with the help of Station and Death they build good robot versions to battle the evil ones.  At the battle of the bands the robots clash and the evil one are defeated, but soon after that their evil boss shows up.  With some quick thinking time traveling plans the guys defeat that evil bastard from the future and rock on.

Alex’s Thoughts:  To be honest, I probably hadn’t seen this movie in 15 years, at least.  Lots of people speak highly of it, so I thought maybe I was missing out… nope.  I guess there was a reason I had only seen this movie twice before, it is utter and complete crap.  Death was a good character for about 2/3 of the movie which was its only redeeming value, but that schtick got old fast.  It is just too much of the same thing over and over; and that’s just recycled crappy jokes from the first film.  Maybe if they did something more similar to the original concerning time travel it might have been better; but like the age-old question of licking your way to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know.

Tim’s Thoughts: While I don’t love this movie nearly as much as I do the first one, I still laugh out loud at a lot of parts. Also after watching this I tend to yell “Station” at random people, but that’s just me. I think that for sequels this is a better one, it’s a lot of fun, winks at its own goofiness, and doesn’t try to redo anything that has already been done better. Sometimes Alex and I come down on different sides, and this is one of them, I strongly disagree with him, and really like this movie.

Final Thoughts: Split decision, so I guess see for yourself….or post a comment and let us know, and unlike the answer to the Tootsie Pop riddle, we may have an answer to the Bill and Ted saga. Keanu and Alex Winter have both acknowledged that the script is being written for a third movie, and while Alex may pass, Tim will be eagerly awaiting!

Alex Rates This Movie 2/10

Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

“I got a full-on robot chubby”

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