Lost Boys: The Tribe (review recommended by reader Michelle)

Release Date: 7/29/2008 (DVD) – Rated R

Starring: Corey Feldman (Stand By Me)

Plot Summary: Former professional surfer Chris and his 17-year-old sister Nicole have recently moved to a small ocean-side community called Luna Bay, after their parents were killed in a car crash.  Chris’ temper has banned him from the pro surfing tour, and his parent’s death has made him overprotective of his sister, to the point where he freaks out if a guy even tries to talk to her.  He searches the beach-side shops for a job as a board shaper, and is refered to a guy named Edgar, who is the town’s only shaper.  After failing to get an answer at the door Chris and Nicole return home only to be confronted by another former surfer named Shane, who invites the two to a party that night.  While at the party Nicole is lured upstairs with Shane where she is tricked into drinking his blood, and we find out that Shane is a vampire, so now Nicole is a vampire according to the law of vampire physics.  Chris finally meets up with Edgar, who is Edgar Frog from the first film. who tells him of his sister’s unfortunate fate.  Chris and Edgar must defeat Shane and his vampire minions, before Nicole makes her first kill, in order to save her eternal soul. 

Alex’s Thoughts:  Going into this one, I didn’t have high hopes.  I was certain this would be a schlock-fest piece of dookie; and while no where as good as the original Lost Boys, was still really watchable.  With a slightly rehashed plot from the first film, there is enough new story to keep fans of the first film interested; mostly because of a great performance from Feldman, which is surprising because he was truly awful the last few things he was in.  I would say if you’re a real vampire movie fan, and none of that Twilight crap, you should enjoy this one.

Tim’s Thoughts: This is a shlock-fest piece of dookie, but damn it, I like Corey Feldman a lot. Actually it’s Keifer’s younger half-brother that I thought held this movie back a little bit. He’s a bit subdued and bland compared to his vampire cronies, where Keifer Sutherland was dangerous and seductive. The original cast was so good, that this movie just makes me want to go back and watch the first one. I will say that if I were a vampire, I would never attack someone by flying through the air at them in slow motion, seems like a good way to get staked. Just sayin’. So I say this is surprisingly watchable but not great.

Final Thoughts: Worth a look, but keep the first one handy. Don’t watch it first, you will ruin your palate, watch it afterwards and you should be fine. We make no claims for the third one, which puts the Frog brothers back together (somehow) and they have to kill a shitty DJ or something…..

Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim Rates This Movie 6/10

“Build a man a fire, he’s warm for a day. Light a man on fire, and he’s warm for the rest of his life!”

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