Robocop 2

Release Date: 6/22/1990 – Rated R

Starring: Peter Weller (Buckaroo Banzai)

Plot Summary:  Detroit is in the shitter.  Drugs, whores and crime are rampant, and those dumb ass cops are on strike.  That’s because the company that owns the police, Omni Consumer Products, has cut their pay 40% in order to get the new version of their cyborg police officer in production.  That only leaves Robocop and a few other scabs available to try to keep the streets safe from the increasing threat of crime lord Cain and his new drug – Nuke.  After a series of run-ins and a showdown at an abandoned factory (which may or may not be the same as in Robocop 1) Cain captures our hero with a giant magnet, and proceeds to dismantle him. Robo is dropped off unceremoniously at the police station in chunks, and OCP decides to reprogram him into a pansy while making the repairs. This goes about as well as you can imagine as he reads a dead man his Miranda Rights, and gets graffitied by little kids. Robocop has only one choice, electrocute himself to either fry his programming or fry his brain. Lucky for Detroit, OCP’s wimpifying is burned out of Murphy’s circuits and he is back in action as his normal ass-kicking self.

He finds Cain and gets medieval on his ass, only to have OCP pop Cain’s brain into their newest Robocop prototype. Keeping him in line with his Nuke addiction they send him to assassinate the Mayor of Detroit, and kill off his old crew. At a corporate demonstration of the new prototype, Robocop shows up and Cain goes batshit and starts shooting everyone/thing in sight. After an epic battle,  Robocop uses his sneaking powers to sneak up behind Cain and rip his brain out of the exoskeleton, and then stomp on it for good measure. Detroit is safe again!!!  That is until Robocop 3….

Alex’s Thoughts:  While not my favorite movie, it is at least my favorite Robocop movie.  This one is a little campier then the first, and is like watching a live action Road Runner/ Wily E. Coyote cartoon at times.   The effects are kind of rough to watch, but it does have one of my favorite movie scenes where the show the failed Robocop 2 prototypes.  Peter Weller is a great actor, so it’s kind of hard to see him in this roll again.  I don’t know how you can wake up and be excited to be is a huge costume, work alongside the most effeminate cop ever and be all hurky-jerky everyday for two months.  He’s a better man than I.  Of course he probably gets paid a lot more than some schmuck who writes a movie review blog with some other schmuck.

Tim’s Thoughts: Robocop 2, almost as much as the first Robocop is just plain fun. There’s not as many quotable lines, but the action is solid, the acting is good enough, and the plot is still nice and dark. This may be because Frank Miller always gets a lot of leeway with me, also considering it’s a sequel with a kid, it actually does pretty well. Tom Noonan is awesome as Cain, the creepy drug manufacturer/cult leader, and Peter Weller is always great as our hero. So rent this one and be ready for some laughs, but keep the kids out of the room as it gets a bit gory and the language is strong. Keep an eye for more funny ads too.

Final Thoughts:  It you liked the first one, you’ll enjoy this one as well.  It’s got a lot of robot on robot action if you’re into that kind of thing, perv.  Certainly a fun movie, but not one you would describe to your friends as a good film.

Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

“Go fuck a refrigerator, pecker neck!”

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