April Fool’s Day

Release Date: 3/27/1986 – Rated R

Starring: Thomas F. Wilson (Back To The Future)

Plot Summary:  Eight friends of Muffy St. John’s join her for a party celebrating her senior year of college on her island estate.  While in route aboard the ferry a few of them play lame-ass April Fool’s jokes on each other, until one joke goes too far and a deckhand ends up getting disfigured as the boat docks at Muffy’s place.  They quickly put that behind them and sit down for dinner where they get to know each other a little better.  After dinner a few of them couple up to fornicate but not before everyone puts their stuff up in their rooms and notices some April Fool’s Day gags seemingly provided by their host.  One by one the kids disappear from the island, but soon their bodies (or at least parts from them) turn up in a well.  With a killer on the loose and everyone trapped on an island there is nowhere to go and nowhere to hide as the killer works their way down to the last survivor. 

Alex’s Thoughts:  I kind of feel like a fool for having watched this; I just didn’t care for it.  The kills were really lame, or not even shown and all , and all you get is the aftermath.  In an era with great slasher films and great slasher kills, you just need more to grab my attention, sorry.  The ending was decent, but it spoils it for the entire movie if you ever want to watch it again.  There are better options out there for sure in the category of 1980’s horror films.  

Tim’s Thoughts: The joke’s on you, the movie poster for this is really good, but that’s about it. Not really bad, but pretty bland compared to anything even remotely good. Way too subdued for what it’s trying to be, and while the ending has a nice twist, it’s too little, too late. I am so unaffected by this movie this review will suck, but I didn’t hate it, I just really didn’t love it.  The poster is the best part.

Final Thoughts: Blah, eh, whatever, pass on this one unless you’re forced at gun point to watch a movie that has the same name as a holiday. Not even good for a bad movie party.

Alex Rates This Movie 4/10

Tim Rates This Movie 5/10

“Respectable young Quaker couple returning from a quiet afternoon of nonviolent sex.”

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