Welcome back, kids!  We just wanted to thank everyone for making March our most successful month yet, with over 1,600 views.  We are working on some exciting projects that we will hopefully get to share with all of you real soon.  April finds us reviewing sequels, and now that our review list is complete (with the help of some readers), it looks like there will be some interesting reviews forthcoming; as there are some really bad sequels and then there are some that are worse than those! 

Also we are having a contest, we are going to post 10 quotes from movies that we have reviewed (randomly chosen, movies, not quotes) and whoever can email us the correct answers wins! Wins what you might ask? You the reader will get to choose a movie, any movie, and YOU get to do a guest review with us! If it’s logistically possible you could even watch it with us! Awesome right? We know….. so watch for the movie quotes and best of luck. So if you love us as much as we love ourselves, tell a friend, just not about the contest so you can win, and share the wealth. Thanks so much for all the support, letting us do what we love to do, and hopefully make you laugh along the way!