Dead Snow

Release Date: 1/9/2009 (Norway) – Rated R

Plot Summary:  A group of Norwegian medical students decide to spend their holiday in a cabin, conveniently located in the middle of nowhere.   Upon arrival at the bottom of the mountain they note that a girl who was supposed to be meeting them their as not yet arrived, but  it’s cool, her boyfriend is there and he knows the way.  That night they are accosted by a crazy old man up at the cabin; he tells them to be careful because there is evil around these parts.  He tells them the story of the Nazi officer and his troops that were stationed in the area during WWII, who tortured and mistreated the villagers, and those asshole nazis typically did.  In the closing days of the war the nazis basically robbed the town of all its valuables and were then chased into the hills where they were thought to have frozen to death.  The kids think that this is just some crazy old man (which he is) and he goes on his way.

That night they are attacked by dark figures and a few of them are slaughtered.  By day the survivors plan to make an escape with several causing a distraction and a few trying to get back to the cars and go for help.  The groups soon see what they are dealing with – Nazi Zombies or maybe it’s Zombie Nazis, not sure.  Anyway the students must battle what seem like limitless waves of these bastards, using whatever tools and weapons are at their disposal if they hope to live to see another day.  

Alex’s Thoughts:  This is an interesting movie; it has some pretty serious dramatic tones at times, and other times it’s a slap-stick comedy – it isn’t clearly defined one way or the other.  Perhaps the comic relief got a little too comic-y, but it worked for me.  There are several homages to Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead throughout the movie, as well as tons of other zombie movie stand-bys; so horror fans should appreciate that.  I liked it.  It sort of worked for me.

Tim’s Thoughts:I was left a bit wanting, not that I would discourage anyone from seeing it, but it followed the typical formula, kids have sex, they croak…etc. Some of the gore was really cool, but I was thrown off a bit by the sometimes serious, sometimes really really goofy tone. Not bad, not great, but watchable.

Final Thoughts:  While at parts it can’t decide what it really is, and sometimes coming off as a bad episode of Scoobie-Doo; Dead Snow should appeal to most horror movie and zombie fans.  It seems to have a little something to offer everyone.

Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim Rates This Movie 6/10

“We should have gone to the beach like I told you.”

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