Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Release Date: TBD (Still looking for a US distributor) – Rated R

Starring: Alan Tudyk (Serenity), Tyler Lebine (Reaper)

Plot Summary:  Tucker and Dale are two rednecks who are on their way to their new vacation cabin they just bought, when they encounter a group of college kids at a remote gas station.  Dale is interested in one of the girls, and with some prompting from Tucker, decides to ask her out. As he approaches her, with sharp cutting implement in hand, he is nervous and just starts to babble on.  This of course freaks all of the kids out and they speed away in their truck, as they assume these guys are psycho redneck killers.  That night while fishing, Tucker and Dale spot the kids swimming, and again frighten the girl Dale likes (Katrina Bowden from 30 Rock), she falls and hits her head and the two rescue her and take her back to the cabin.  The college kids believe she was abducted, and will soon be murdered if they don’t help her.  They find the cabin but they are all so scared/stupid some of them end up getting themselves killed accidentally, which makes the surviving kids even more scared, as they think the hillbillies were responsible for those deaths.  Now Tucker and Dale have a group of crazy and pissed-off kids hunting them down seeking revenge.

Alex’s Thoughts: Dear God I hope someone releases this movie so you all can see just how good it is.  At its heart it is a great comedy, but just with a lot of gore.  The actors who play the hillbillies are great and play off of each other very well and that is what makes this movie work so well for me, I think.  The death scenes are just so over the top, and while extremely bloody, are just great. If you get a chance to see a screening somewhere before it is released please do do, you will not be disappointed.

Tim’s Thoughts: I can’t wait to see the finished version of this movie. It’s rare when you find something that successfully crosses genres like this. As a big Alan Tudyk fan I knew it was going to be hard to not like this movie, and it didn’t disappoint. Consistently funny, and obviously just having a good time, this movie will appeal to a big audience, if it gets decent marketing. Keep your eyes peeled for this one, and watch out for college kids who may or may not think you are axe murderers.

Final Thoughts:  We saw this movie at a screening at the Horror Hound Weekend we attended in Indy back in late March, and while the version of the film we saw was unfinished (fx shots were not all done and some sound editing wasn’t all the way complete), it was still so much fun to watch.  We can’t wait to watch the final version of the film and it can’t get released soon enough.

Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim Rates This Movie 9/10

“Did you see that?  He just chucked himself head-first into that wood chipper!”

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