The Men On Film are attending our third Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis, IN.  This is a annual horror movie convention where fans of the genre come together and celebrate their love for all things gory and terrifying.  We are sort of the odd ducks out, as we are typically the only ones not covered head-to-toe in black, our wallet are not attached to us via chain and we have bathed somewhat recently.  There are typically 1,000 smelly freaks jammed into an area, the size of which is only fit for 400 well-groomed bankers.  To say it is a tight fit and somewhat uncomfortable is an understatement.  Some of the head-lining guests on our last trips have been the likes of George A. Romero, Tom Savini & Corey Haim, and to a lesser extent Adrianne Barbeau and the guys who played Juwanna Man and Maniac Cop.  This year’s featured guests include Corey Feldman and the casts from The Boondock Saints and Killer Klowns From Outer Space (both of which we have done a review on!).  Here is a breakdown of our day at the con…

9:42 – currently in-route to Indy. We had our usual issues with our friend Tom forgetting something. We pulled away and he assured us he had everything, but not 30 seconds later he realized he was missing his phone. It’s his birthday, but still the verbal assults were issued. Good job Tom, ass hat.

10:48 – eating lunch at white castle where Matt dropped his chicken rings on the floor, but somehow didn’t let that stop him from eating them. So there are six grown men with stomachs full of sliders and floor chicken traveling in a van for the next hour. Good times ahead!

2:05; Sitting in on frankenstein syndrome, not great and to make matters worse the DVD is skipping. Wish it would skip to the end.

4:06 – hanging out in our suite until the next movie screening watching TMNT for some reason. This room has a window from the livingroom to the dumper, no lock and no real reason for it.

5:07 – sitting thru this awful panel waiting for a screening, and I can’t imagine anything worse right now. A panel full of broken english and people talking with a microphone ten feet away from their yaps. Crap. Enough with the questions horror nerds, no one cares about the key grip, ass.

7:44 – finished a screening of a comedy horror, that we really enjoyed – a review will be forthcoming. Gonna eat some pizza… more fun comming soon.

9:37- back at the hotel and we have all our beer in the minifridge. Warning: we purchased Crunkjuice…… this is going to be a wild night. Horrorhound has been pretty awesome.

Afterthoughts:  We met some kids who are making movies at the age of 13. That blows me away, I think it’s awesome that they are pursuing their dreams at that age. We will have a movie of theirs to review, and if Micheal and Jacob Guess are reading this, thanks! It was nice meeting you, their website is and the production company is L+G=P.