The Last Exorcism

Release Date: 8/27/2010 – Rated PG-13

Plot Summary: Reverend Cotton Marcus is an established religious figure in Baton Rouge, LA, and is also an expert in exorcisms; having preformed dozens of them.  Our good reverend is also a fraud.  He plans to out himself with the help of a documentary film crew by showing everyone his tricks which range from mild electrocution to the use if fishing wire and hidden speakers.  Having picked out a request letter at random, they journey to a rural farm where the framer has been having his livestock die and finding bloody rags on his property.  The farmer, whose name is Louis, believe that his daughter Nell is possessed by a demon.  Cotton then goes on to perform his fake exorcism, seemingly banishing the spirit away.  He collects his fee from Louis, and returns to a hotel for the evening, only to find Nell sitting on his bed acting strange.  The end up taking her to a hospital, and she is released, but something still isn’t right.  They hear her talking to herself, unexplained loud noises and the like; they also get a call from the hospital saying that this 16-year-old virgin is pregnant.  As Nell gets worse, Cotton wants to take her to a hospital and leave, but Louis (with the help of his shotgun) wants him to perform another exorcism.  Can Cotton muster up what little faith in God he has left to save this girl’s soul, or will a great evil claim it for its own? 

Alex’s Thoughts:  Combining some of the horrors most recent and over-used trends, exorcism movies and hand-held camera footage, I didn’t expect much from this at first.  The first twenty or so minutes is shown as old stock footage of Cotton’s life, and current footage of what he’s doing now is pretty dull.  It get’s a little better as he describes how he fakes his exorcism, and when you start to think Nell really is possessed. There is a pretty good payoff in the final ten minutes, that makes up for the boring parts in the middle making this a watchable flick.

Tim’s Thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised with this, granted it has been done to death and better, but it’s a solid entry into the genre. The ending is definitely worth the brisk hour and twenty minutes, and movies like this benefit from being shorter.  If you like these kind of movies you should be pretty happy with this, if you aren’t then you obviously shouldn’t watch it, duh…..

Final Thoughts: Is this better than The Exorcist?  No way.  Is it better than all of The Exorcist sequels?  For sure.  If you like this genre, then this might be a movie you’d be interested in.  If you’re sick of possession movies, this would be one to skip.  This isn’t a film for everyone.

Alex Rates This Movie 6/10

Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

‘What In God’s name is that noise.  It’s not human.”

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