Welcome to Men On Film’s first ever live blog!  It’s just me (Alex) today, as Mr. Fancybritches Tim is on vacation with Mrs. Fancybritches, but he is here in spirit at the birth-place of Abe Froman… Chicago, IL.  Specifically I am at McCormick Place attending the 2nd Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, or C2E2 as those of us in the biz call it… and also what the event organizers call it.  C2E2 is sort of like a comic book convention in that there are vendors selling 20-40 year old comic books, collectables, an artist alley with local and national artists selling their wares as well as a legion of overweight and under-sexed fanboys.  What makes this different from a traditional comic con is the obscene amount of movie and television advertising present on the show floor.  If you can wade through the displays for The Walking Dead and Thor, you might even be able to catch a glimpse of the celebrities on hand to push their latest project or separate you from you hard-earned cash for a signed photo or a personal photograph.  Some of the celebs on-hand this year are: Danny McBride, Patton Oswalt, Eliza Dushku and Sam Trammell from HBO’s True Blood.  There are a lot of character actors and local celebrities, but no one really worth mentioning.  What follows is a time line of my events at this show…

7:45 A.M. – As I step out the door on my way to the South Shore, my 3-year-old asks me where I’m going.  I cannot, in good conscience, tell him that daddy’s going to ride on a train, go to a place with all of his favorite superheros and tons of toys; he wouldn’t stop crying for a week, and my wife doesn’t deserve that.  So I tell him I’m going to work, and I will see him soon. (This blog is a job, right?) So I didn’t flat-out lie to my kid; a fib, right?  That is the lie a parent tells to make it alright with their conscience.  I fibbed like hell to that poor little guy.

8:53am – nerds aplenty on this train, and I don’t think the shower to nerd ratio is a straight 1:1, these nerds behind me talking about castle wolfenstien and halo are a little ripe.

9:42am – the halo nerds have been talking for the last 20 minutes about how awesome it would be to have a real lightsaber; and how it can cut thru anything. Everyone knows lightsabers cat cut thru crotosis, fucking nerds. Oh wait… shit, that’s me!

10:58am – been walking around the show floor for about an hour now. There are probably about 6,000 or so people on hand right now. Lots of interesting costumes and interesting folks. Also Eliza Dushku is extremely hot in person!

12:02 pm – the show continues to get busier, and it’s getting harder to maneuver between over-priced action figures and the hoards of costumed villains. And since you were asking, YES, there was someone dressed like a 12ft tall refrigerator.

12:46 pm – Dear ladies of c2e2, while most men may appreciate the obscene about of skin you are showing with your slave Leia or Poison Ivy costume, but look in the mirror before you leave the house. If the folds of skin are covering up so much of the costume no one can tell what it is, it’s probably time to think about a change. May I suggest, Grimace, or perhaps just a trash bag?

2:19pm – as I leave the show in my rearview, I’m glad I went. For all of the crowds, bumping and shoving thru narrow aisles, awful costumes and overpriced crap, it was a good time. Saw some interesting thing, but moreover, some interesting people. God bless the 6’2″ large black man dressed like Pikichu, the scores of Stormtroopers and Ghostbusters and the girls who are there for no other reason than to have their young flesh on display; you’re the reason these things are a success. So long C2E2, I hardly knew ya.